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Act One. First 'out the closet' pvp shot. Head to head two necromancers battle it out in a summoning-frenzy here. Act One. First 'out the closet' pvp shot. Head to head two necromancers battle it out in a summoning-frenzy here. Centre stage necromancer (the one who took the screenshot) is surrounded by undamaged Bone Armor, and also he has one golem and 2 skeletons summoned, as you can see from the small icons on the top left of the screen. His two skeletons appear to be the two that are bright white. One is directly below him, facing the lower right, and the other is above him, facing the same direction. The other Necromancer is to the lower left, and as far as we can tell, the other seven skeletons are all his. Note that they all have a bit of a greenish tinge to them. Possibly he is a higher level character, with a higher level summoning skill, and can therefore whip up more skeleton servants? The golem to the right is the centre Necromancer's, and the one to the lower left that is motionless belongs to the lower left Necromancer. The two skeletons on the lower left are apparently fighting a monster off of the screen.

The orange and yellow overhead effects are indications of the various monsters being cursed. The orange is Amplify Damage, (see it here) same as the icon currently selected. We don't know what the yellow is, possibly weaken, or any of several other curses. It seems that the centre Necromancer has cast both curses, since all the afflicted creatures are servants of the enemy Necromancer. Curses work as a sort of area effect cloud, that hits anything in the area when it is cast. Therefore the yellow curse was cast some time ago, as the two skeletons it hit, along with the Golem, have moved quite a bit since they were hit by it. The Amplify Damage seems to have been cast more recently, since the two skeletons and the necromancer that are affected by it have not spread out as much yet.

A Necromancer has less control over a skeleton than a golem, which seems to be indicated here by the skeletons being all over the place, facing in somewhat random directions, while the Golem on the lower left appears to be standing still, awaiting a movement order, perhaps? One other thing to note is that the cursor has changed from a pointer to a hand with the fingers out. This happens after around 30 seconds of nothing, so the Necromancer in the middle has (apparently) not moved at all for at least that long, which shows you how slowly the skeletons are moving to attack him. We think they were created with Summon Dead, which creates skeletons from thin air, unlike the lower Clvl skill Reanimate, which requires a corpse to summon the skeleton up from. Other details to note are the two sets of remains at the top portion of the scene, a dead Quill Rat and a freshly separated zombie. And lastly the new wee set of function hotkeys centre belt. -- 3d-enhanced shot, 9/99

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