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Act Three, Wilderness. The Paladin charging a tightly-knit pack of Act Three monsters here. We're not sure what the big ones are called in Act Three (They are called Thorned Hulks in Act One, but the names change for the same sorts of monsters in each act) but the smaller one to the top is a Doom Ape, AKA a Razorback in Act One. Keep in mind that most of the names for monsters in Diablo II that are just physical descriptions of them, such as Big Heads, or Pin Heads, are generally just place holders until they think up or finalize better names. So while we heard "Razorback" for the one with the big spikes on the shoulders, don't count on that being the final name. The same goes for "Thorned Hulk" I think, as that's pretty much a description of the monster. And in any event, that would only be the name in one act of the game, so even if this was a Thorned Hulk, the same-looking monster (with some palette-swapping) would have a different name in another act.

Anyway, the Paladin's skill is a never-before seen one. Obviously it would be a strong contender for Charge, a Clvl 10 skill in his Combat Skill Tree. However if you look at the icon, it doesn't look like an attack spell. There isn't any weapon shown, and it really looks more like just a running skill, or maybe a sort of shield bash. How it works is unknown, since we don't have a recent description of it. Some old charging skills were set to deliver more damage the farther the Paladin ran up to attack, but we don't know if this one is a limited length attack, or if it can work any time you get the Paladin running, or if you can steer him while he's making his charge (probably, since the monsters can change direction and still do a charging damage attack, unlike the long straight rushes in Diablo) or what sort of bonus damage it does.

Another interesting question is what sort of weapon he's holding here. It looks a bit like a spear or some sort of jousting weapon, but with a closer look you can see that it's just a sword. The thing off to the rear of it is his leg, not an extended handle. It's a shame the Paladin AVI is come and gone already, or we might look forward to seeing this skill demonstrated this side of the beta. -- 3D-enhanced shot, 6/99

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