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A shot from one of our characters at Blizzard North. This is a Clvl 11 Amazon, with a crossbow and bolts equipped, along with numerous spare quivers in the inventory. The narrow white potions are poison antidotes, the orange is an exploding throwing potion, and the green is a gas throwing potion. Also the crossbow there is gemmed with red, white and blue gems, dealing fire, lightning, and cold damage. The cold one is why the xbow is such a dark blue color, but there should be visible circles with gems in them on the item, it's just hard to see in this low-quality digicam shot.

  • The Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, and Energy are all white, meaning unmodified by any items. And there are no elixirs now, so these stats will stay much lower than they were in Diablo.
  • Attack Damage = damage dealt with the left click attack item.
  • Fire Arrow Damage = This is the damage that the skill set to the right click does. It changes with each spell/skill you have set there, of course.
  • Attack Rating = Ths is the to/hit rating with the plain attack, or whatever skill you have selected to the left click. If you hover on this box, it will give you a read out of your actual to/hit against the monsters you are most recently fighting. Something like "Actual to/hit vs. Lvl 26 monsters = 71%" The level of the monsters has nothing to do with your character level, it's an intrinsic property of the monsters, in the game code that determines where they appear and what they drop. And how hard they are to hit.
  • There is no listed Secondary Attack Rating, since the Fire Arrow has the same to/hit as a normal arrow. If she had a skill selected that boosted her to/hit, such as strafing arrow, there would be a higher number here than in the Primary Attack Rating box.
  • Defensive Rating is what "Armor Class" is now called. Items have more variety in their DR now, so higher level characters will probably have much higher numbers in this box than they did in Diablo. However it's all scaled relatively, so that doesn't mean they'll be impossible to hit. And we do not know the exact formula for this, or what it gives you, if it means harder to hit or take less damage from hits or what.
  • We don't know the exact formula to determins Stamina, but it is thought to be related mostly to strength and dexterity, with vitality factoring in as well. It is full, 84/84 points, and it is also displayed in the yellow bar on the belt interface.
  • Life is determined by Character Level, Character Cclass, and Vitality, and it's unmodified by any items at this time.
  • Mana is determined by Character Level, Character Class, and Energy, and it is being currently boosted by some equipped item, since it's blue.
  • The resistances are to Fire, Cold, Lightning, and Poison and this Amazon has a few points in fire and poison, from her equipment. There are a number of skills that can raise resistances, temporarily or long term, though the Amazon doesn't have any of them in effect right now.

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