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==Act I==
[[File:Act1-camp-akara.jpg|thumb|The [[Rogue]] leader, [[Akara]]]]
The hero you are playing has just heard of the demonic troubles of {{iw|Khanduras Khanduras}}, and arrive at the [[Rogue Encampment]], finding out the {{iw|Rogue Sisters of the Sightless Eye}} in chaos, after having lost their Monastery to demons following the arrival of a {{iw|Dark_Wanderer Dark Wanderer}}.
==Act II==
[[File:Lut_Gholein_CoD4_map.jpg|thumb|Jewel of the Desert]]
Reaching [[Lut Gholein]] by caravan, our hero helps solving a problem with a corrupted {{iw|Horadrim Horadrim}} mummy in the sewers of the city, and sets upon creating a [[Horadric Staff]] needed to find the [[Tomb of Tal Rasha]], to stop the {{iw|Dark_Wanderer Dark Wanderer}} from freeing [[Baal]], who is imprisoned there. It becomes apparent that there is a demonic invasion in the Palace, through which the hero finds the [[Arcane Sanctuary]] and later the sacred tomb where another {{iw|Lesser_Evil Lesser Evil}} - [[Duriel]] - awaits.

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