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==Act III==
[[File:Kurast_Docks.jpg|thumb|Central hub of the Docks]]
Arriving in [[Kurast Docks]], it's apparent that the local jungle has been corrupted by demonic forces, encroaching on the once magnificent city. The player briefly sees the Dark Wanderer, but is unable to stop him. The hero sets out to travel to [[Travincal]], and defeat [[Mephisto]], who has taken control of the {{iw|Zakarum Zakarum Church}}. You are faced with the grisly task of collecting body parts from the last uncorrupted priest, {{iw|Khalim Khalim}} in order to create an artefact capable of destroying the [[Compelling Orb]] to free the priesthood and reach Mephisto.
==Act IV==
[[File:Pandemonium Fortress.jpg|thumb|Last bastion of {{iw|High_Heavens Heaven}}]]Arriving at the last bastion of {{iw|High_Heavens Heaven}} before [[Hell]], the [[Pandemonium Fortress]], [[Tyrael]] sends the hero out on the plains of Hell to destroy [[Mephisto]]'s {{iw|Soulstone Soulstone}}, and to reach [[Diablo]], destroying him as well.
Following a long journey through Hell, the hero reaches Diablo's [[Chaos Sanctuary]], where he activates the five seals and summons Diablo, and a violent fight ensues. Defeating Diablo and destroying his Soulstone, the hero returns to Tyrael, who opens a portal to [[Harrogath]] to stop [[Baal]] from corrupting the {{iw|Worldstone Worldstone}}.
==Act V==
[[File:Harrogath.jpg|thumb|[[Barbarian]] fortification.]]
(Expansion only)
Elder [[Nilathak]] turns out to have betrayed Harrogath, and the one who kidnapped Anya. When he is dealt with, the Hero is faced with the Barbarian [[Ancient]]s, who are guarding the [[Arreat Summit]] and the [[Worldstone Chamber]] where [[Baal]] has entered. Defeating the Ancients, entering the chamber and killing [[Baal]], [[Tyrael]] announce that the {{iw|Worldstone Worldstone}} has been corrupted beyond repair by the demon, and sends the player away to destroy it.
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