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Arreat Plateau

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The Arreat Plateau '''''' is reached through the located x and part of [[Act V]].<br><br><br><br><br>  __TOC__==Background=={{Levelbox|game= Diablo II<!--|portrait= --><!--|name= -->|patch= v1.10+|norm-lvl= #|night-lvl= #|hell-lvl= #|monsters= Fill out|norm-monster= #|night-monster= #|hell-monster= #|norm-rand-boss= Fill out|night-rand-boss= Fill out|hell-rand-boss= Fill out|norm-su= Fill out|night-su= Fill out|hell-su= Fill out|chest= Fill out|waypoint= No|nearby= [[Frigid Highlands. Things ]], [[Pit of Acheron]], [[Crystalline Passage]]|quests= [[Prison of interest in Ice]] ''(starting)''}}Upon entering the Arreat Plateau, the [[Prison of Ice]] quest starts, even though it's not solved here.  Somewhere in the [[level]], there is a portal to one of the mini-[[hell]]s here:<br>the [[Pit of Acheron]]<br>.  You will also find a [[waypoint]] on this level, so don't miss it! It can be very handy later on.  ==Level Information==Entrance * Monster levels are usually always equal to the [[Crystalline Passagearea level]] with exception to [[superuniques|uniques]] ([[mlvl]] +3) and [[champion]]s (mlvl +2).   ==Notable Characters==* Please fill out.   ==Related Articles==If you are at all interested in the story and lore of the games, you should also check out:* {{iw|Children_of_Bul-Kathos Children of Bul-Kathos}}* {{iw|Harrogath Harrogath}}* {{iw|Arreat_Crater Arreat Crater}}* {{iw|Baal Baal, Lord of Destruction}}    ==Reference==* [ Facts & Formulae Archive]   {{Level navbox}}{{Act V navbox}}  [[category:Act V levels]][[category:Act V]][[category:Levels]]