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Stony Field

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The '''Stony Field''' is a [[wilderness]] level in [[Act I]], which amongst other things host the [[Cairn Stones]], which can take you to [[Tristram]] through ha the red portal.
|night-lvl= 37
|hell-lvl= 68
|monsters= [[Fallen]], [[Fallen Shaman]], [[Carver]], [[Skeleton]], [[Hungry Dead]], [[Corrupt Rogue Archer|Dark Ranger]], [[Foul Crow]], [[Foul Crow Nest]], [[Moon Clan]]
|norm-monster= 4
|night-monster= 4
Found guarding the Cairn Stones will be [[Rakanishu]], an extra fast lightning enchanted [[Carver]] (a [[Fallen]] variant). This unmistakable [[superunique]] along with its Carver minions is usually the fastest monster encountered so far.
The [[Moldy Tome]] can also be found here. It recounts the story of [[The Countess]], who was buried alive. The tome is used to begin the [[Quests_Act_One#Quest_Four:_The_Forgotten_Tower|Forgotten Tower quest]], but it is not required to start the quest.
==Level Information==