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Halls of the Blind

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* '''Reward:''' The [[D1 Unique Amulets|Optic Amulet]].
The halls of the blind are a figure-eight shaped area located somewhere on level 8. There are no doors to enter the area at first, but two openings appear, one on each end, when you read the Book of the Blind. Enter with care, for It's one of the halls are crowded with bright yellow [[D1 Monsters|Illusion Weavers]], more haunting poems in the craftiest kind of
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:''Out of darkness, out of mind,<br>
:''Cast down into the Halls of the Blind.
Within the "figure-eight of the blind" area you'll find more than a dozen of the bright yellow [[D1 Monsters|Illusion Weavers]], the craftiest kind of Hidden. They are clustered near each opening, and there are three more hidden inside each of the small rooms within the Halls. One holds the amulet, lying on the ground. The other holds only Illusion Weavers.
===Strategy Tips===
Like all Hidden, Illusion Weavers are crafty and approach you invisible and immaterial, only appearing when they are within melee range. These guys hit fast and attack in a pack, and it's very easy for a careless rogue or sorcerer to get killed here, if surrounded.Hidden are vulnerable to ranged attacks, since while they are invisible until they are just one space away, they become tangible within 3 or 4 spaces. Character's with ranged attacks can fire in straight lines and nail these guys before they are even visible, whether they're retreating or attacking. The Optic Amulet is fairly useless in its mods, and usually gets sold right back to Griswold. 
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