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Account setup:

  1. 1 Sorceress - meterorb magic finder
  2. 2 Paladin - zealer / smiter - uber killer
  3. 3 Barbarian - fury w. swords
  4. 4 Druid - werewolf fury
  5. 5 Necromancer - summoner / curser
  6. 6 Paladin - hammerdin
  7. 7 Sorceress - chain lightning / frozen orb
  8. 8 Barbarian - fury w. axes

This is how I have setup my account. My highest level is 87 the #1 sorceress but she has not reached or defeated Baal in Hell yet.

I am not a fan of the other characters - I like to play this game as mind numbing as possible - meaning no thinking just point click and kill.

I have recently started to horde my runes and it takes FOREVER to really get anywhere - dont think besides Nefs and Iths or others for crafting or socketing (rolling for sockets) there is much use to hordeing a bunch of el and eths.

Noone ever trades me for 40 pgems for a Pul which seemed popular at one time. I still keep my gems but only for upgrading / crafting - I have no gems in socketed items except for the 4 socket monarch I put 4 ptopazes in before I knew to Spirit rune word it. What a bad mistake that was.

I have found a vex rune recently in hell - act 1 on a fallen shaman. Amazed I still have it although like having cash in my pocket I am just looking for a way to waste it.