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Class specific items are much like other items. They have a variety of stats and types, can be found magical, Rare, Unique, and sometimes in Sets as well. The real difference is that these items can only be used by one character class, and they can have random bonuses to individual skills, much like the ones you see on wands/staves/scepters in Diablo II.

Amazons get the widest variety of class-specific equipment. All weapons, but three types, Spears, Javelins, and Bows. During development it was said for a time that Amazons would get gloves, but this didn't work out, and weapons they have. None of these may be gambled or purchased from NPCs, only found from monsters.

Inherent Bonuses

All Amazon-only bows will have +1-3 to her Bow Skills tab. All Amazon-only spears and javelins will have a + 1-3 bonus to her Spear and Javelin Skill Tab. Odds listed below:

  • Damage Bonus: This determines how you multiply the item's total physical damage by your stats to reach the actual damage. All bows are 100 Dex, all weapons are 50/50 and most melee weapons are 100 Str. The Amazon spears are not, check the note at the bottom of this page.
  • Item Level: Used in many in-game calculations. Monsters must be of this level to drop the item, and it factors in when you get to gamble for this item type as well.
  • Weapon Speed: A relative comparison to other weapons of the same type. 0 is the base -10, -20, etc is faster, 10, 20, etc is slower by one frame per 10.
  • Stack Size: Applies only to throwing weapons. Min = the smallest stack a monster can drop. Max = the largest a stack can possibly be. Throwing weapons stack only on others of their exact same type and mods, if magical.
  • Range: Melee only. From 1 (least) to 5 (most) in D2X. Numbers are fixed across item classes: a 3 javelin = a 3 sword = a 3 hammer, etc.