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[[Category:Class Specific Items]]

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Class-specific items are much like other items. They have a variety of stats and types, can be found magical, Rare, Unique, and sometimes in Sets as well. The real difference is that these items can only be used by one character class, and they can have random bonuses to individual skills, much like the ones you see on wands/staves/scepters in Diablo II. This is in contrast with magic items possessing class-specific Skill Level and Barbarian Skill Tree prefixes, which may be used by classes other than the Barbarian without benefiting from the skill modifiers.

Barbarians get Primal Helms in the Expansion. These are helms with magical stats like any other headgear, and the ability to have special +to barbarian skills, as well as +to all Barb skills. Barbarians can wear them or not, it all depends on the stats found on them. A really good rare or unique helm is going to beat most barb-helms, but the possible dream mods on a Barb-helm are the best you can find.

You cannot gamble any Primal Helms in the Expansion, they must be found.

Inherent Bonuses

Any Barbarian helm may have +1-3 points in up to 3 individual skills from all three of his skill trees, Combat Skills, Warcries, and Combat Masteries, from Clvl 1 up to the Clvl 30 skills. The bug where no Clvl 30 skills would occur in Diablo II has been fixed in the Expansion. These random +skills work just like the bonuses you see on wands/scepters/staves in Diablo II, and can occur on normal, magical, and Rare items.

  • Item Level: Used in many in-game calculations. Monsters must be of this level to drop the item, and it factors in when you get to gamble for this item type as well. See all the Mlvls on Darkness.
  • Clvl req : Character level you must be to equip this item.
  • The hue and color of base items in Diablo II can vary greatly, depending on the item's modifiers.


Item Name Properties Misc Stats
Barb1.gif Jawbone Cap Defense: 10-15
Durability: 25
Str Required: 25
Item Level: 4
Clvl Req: 3
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2
Barb2.gif Fanged Helm Defense: 15-20
Durability: 35
Str Required: 35
Item Level: 8
Clvl Req: 6
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2
Barb3.gif Horned Helm Defense: 25-30
Durability: 45
Str Required: 45
Item Level: 16
Clvl Req: 12
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2
Barb4.gif Assault Helmet Defense: 30-35
Durability: 50
Str Required: 55
Item Level: 20
Clvl Req: 15
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2
Barb5.gif Avenger Guard Defense: 35-50
Durability: 55
Str Required: 65
Item Level: 24
Clvl Req: 18
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2


Exceptional Primal Helms can be found in Acts 4 and 5 of normal, and then all through Nightmare and Hell. Check the Item levels and compare to the Monster Levels to see exactly which monsters can drop which types of helms.

Item Name Properties Misc Stats
Barb1.gif Jawbone Visor Defense: 55-68
Durability: 25
Str Required: 58
Item Level: 33
Clvl Req: 25
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2
Barb2.gif Lion Helm Defense: 63-75
Durability: 35
Str Required: 73
Item Level: 38
Clvl Req: 29
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2
Barb3.gif Rage Mask Defense:78-90
Durability: 45
Str Required: 88
Item Level: 44
Clvl Req: 29
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2
Barb4.gif Savage Helmet Defense: 85-98
Durability: 50
Str Required: 103
Item Level: 49
Clvl Req: 32
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2
Barb5.gif Slayer Guard Defense: 93-120
Durability: 55
Str Required: 118
Item Level: 54
Clvl Req: 40
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2


Elite Primal Helms can be found in Acts 4 and 5 of Nightmare, and then all through Hell difficulty. Check the Item levels and compare to the Monster Levels to see exactly which monsters can drop which types of helms.

Item Name Properties Misc Stats
Barb1.gif Carnage Helm Defense: 102-147
Durability: 25
Str Required: 106
Item Level: 60
Clvl Req: 45
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2
Barb2.gif Fury Visor Defense: 105-150
Durability: 35
Str Required: 129
Item Level: 66
Clvl Req: 49
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2
Barb3.gif Destroyer Helm Defense:111-156
Durability: 45
Str Required: 151
Item Level: 73
Clvl Req: 54
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2
Barb4.gif Conqueror Crown Defense: 114-159
Durability: 50
Str Required: 174
Item Level: 80
Clvl Req: 60
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2
Barb5.gif Guardian Crown Defense: 117-168
Durability: 55
Str Required: 196
Item Level: 87
Clvl Req: 65
Sockets: 1-3
Inv Size: 2x2


Spawn in 1.10 or later only
Item Name Item Stats Special Properties
Bar-destroyer-helm.jpg Demonhorn's Edge
Destroyer Helm
Ladder Only
111-156 Defense
45 Durability
151 Str Required
Item Level: 69
Clvl Req: 61
+120-160% Enhanced Defense
+10% Increased Attack Speed
3-6% Life stolen per hit
Attacker Takes Damage of 55-77
+1-3 to Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)
+1-3 to Warcries (Barbarian Only)
+1-3 to Combat Masteries (Barbarian Only)
Bar-conqueror-crown.jpg Halaberd's Reign
Conqueror Crown
114-159 Defense
50 Durability
174 Str Required
Item Level: 85
Clvl Req: 77
+140-170% Enhanced Defense
+1 to Masteries (Barbarian Only)
+2 to Barbarian Skills
20% Faster Hit Recovery
Replenish Life +15 - 23 (1.465 - 2.246 Life Per Second)
+1-2 to Battle Orders (Barbarian Only)
+1-2 to Battle Command (Barbarian Only)
Bar-fury-helm.jpg Wolfhowl
Fury Visor
105-150 Defense
35 Durability
129 Str Required
Item Level: 84
Clvl Req: 79
+120-150% Enhanced Defense
+2-3 to Warcries (Barbarian Only)
+8-15 to Strength
+8-15 to Dexterity
+8-15 to Vitality
+3-6 to Werewolf
Level 15 Summon Dire Wolf (18 Charges)
+3-6 to Lycanthropy
+3-6 to Feral Rage

Item Name Item Stats Special Properties
Bar-arreats-face.gif Arreat's Face
Slayer Guard
234-363 Defense
55 Durability
118 Str Required
Item Level: 42
Clvl Req: 50
+2 To Barbarian Skills
+2 To Combat Skills (Barbarian Only)
+150-200% Enhanced Defense
30% Faster Hit Recovery
+20% Bonus to Attack Rating
+20 to Strength
+20 to Dexterity
+3-6% Life Stolen Per Hit
+30% Resistance To All


* One of the best helms in the game. Huge bonuses to everything useful for a Barbarian, and only the lack of Magic Find and/or physical damage reduction makes it the hat every barbarian wants best. This hat is relatively high level for an exceptional item TC 54, and is pretty hard to find. It has a huge trade value, so if you aren't going to use it, you should try to get something good in return.

1.08 Statistics

  • Arreat's Face: +2 To Barbarian Skills, -15% Target Defense, +0.5 Max Damage per Clvl, +25% Enhanced Defense, +30 To Life, +1 To Warcries (Barbarian Only)

Set Items

Item Item Name Attributes Special Properties
X-immortal-will.gif Immortal King's Will
Avenger Guard
  • 160-175 Defense
  • 55 Durability
  • 65 Str Required
  • Clvl Req: 47
  • Item Level: 37
  • 2 sockets (v1.10+)
  • +125 Defense
  • +37% Gold Find
  • +2 To Warcries (Barbarian Only)
  • +4 Light Radius
  • +25-40% Magic Find


  • Bul-Kathos' Children is designed for a Barbarian. Although there are no class specific items in this set, only a Barbarian can complete it due to his innate dual-wielding ability allowing him to use two two-handed swords at once.

Further Reading

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