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Various Barbarian NPCs are scattered around Harrogath, as well as found out in the wilderness, fighting for their (feeble) lives. These men all look the same; large, muscular, and poorly armored. The Barbarian NPC mercs look just the same, regardless of what they're equipped with.

The plot of Act Five revolves around the Barbarians being crushed by Baal's forces, and their city being laid siege to, with heavy losses suffered by the Barbarian defenders. As such, most of the Barbarians in town are wounded and able to do no more than sit listlessly around Malah's quarters.

There are no wandering NPCs in Act Five, unlike Acts 1-3, and the few non-wounded Barbarians are also stationary, though they are at least animated. One sits by a fire on the western edge of town, and another is more famously involved in a bit of dinner preparation.

There are numerous other Barbarians seen in the Act, but they're all outside of town, fighting in the surface areas. Fifteen other Barbarians are found in pens in the second quest of the act, but though they return to town via a waypoint after being rescued, they're never seen in Harrogath afterwards.