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Blood Raven and her minions
"Rest in peace, sister."

The Burial Grounds is the final resting place for the fallen Sisters...at least it used to be. Now it's full of undead for the corrupted rogue captain Blood Raven is resurrecting them as her undead minions.

Blood Raven is located at the center of the grounds and usually surrounded by Hungry Dead. She can be a nasty foe to defeat for lower level characters due to her higher-than-usual level, her ability to shoot fire arrows (along with an additional random bonus mod), and the ability to resurrect more of her "army of the dead" to assist her. It is best to defeat her at level 8 or higher. When defeated, her corpse momentarily floats in mid air while streams of lightning shoot all over killing off the remaining undead.

Two sublevels are located in the Burial Grounds: The Crypt and the Mausoleum. Neither are linked to completing a quest but are decent areas for the chance to level up and find additional and possibly useful items.

The Mausoleum in hell difficulty is alvl 85 making it a popular area to clear out for finding high-level items.

Level Information

  • Monster levels are always equal to the area level with exception to uniques (mlvl +3) and champions (mlvl +2). However, Blood Raven breaks this commonality by having a much higher level than a typical superunique would (refer to table below).
Info List Normal Nightmare Hell
Area Level: 3 36 80
Spawnable Monsters: Skeleton, Hungry Dead
Possible Monster Groups: 2 2 2
Random Bosses: No No No
Superuniques: Blood Raven, mlvl 10 Blood Raven, mlvl 43 Blood Raven, mlvl 88
Gold Chests: No
Waypoint: No
Level Junctions: Mausoleum, The Crypt, Cold Plains
Quests: Act 1 Quest 2: Sisters' Burial Grounds