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Here is presented a list of Featured Articles of DiabloWiki. These articles are considered to be of better quality than most, and is a representation of what information is available at DiabloWiki. They have also been brought up on the Main Page in order to show the community one or another interesting aspects they might have missed.

Previously Featured ArticlesEdit

  • Mods [T] 30th March 2010 - Current
  • Horadric Cube [T] 6th November 2008 - 30th March 2010
  • Rune [T] 27th September 2008 - 6th November
  • Uber Diablo [T] 18th September 2008 - 27th September 2008
  • Help [T] 28th July 2008 - 18th September 2008
  • Diablo 3 [T] 17th April 2008 - 28th July 2008

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