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Charged suffixes are unique suffixes introduced in Diablo 2 Expansion. These suffixes enchant the items so any characters can use other classes skill in limited amount. After equipment is put on the character, the skill granted on the item will be selectable through right mouse button Skill selection where it will show up at the top of all the listed skills. This selected skill then can be performed the same way as any other skills - right clicking on any target or shift-right click. The skills charged items provide requires no mana, but has to be repaired from time to time since the weapons have limited amount of charges.

Rare items can have up to three prefixes, but only one from each family of prefixes. Magical items have one or none.

  • All suffixes stack where appropriate.
  • No suffixes will occur with others from the same family on the same Rare item. So if you got +strength on some kind of armour, you would get either Strength, Might, Ox, Giant, or Titan, but never more than one on the same item.
  • N-1 bug: This bug (through v1.05) prevents any modifier from occurring at the maximum possible range allowed. For example, of the Titan, listed as +16-20 Strength, will only be found adding 16, 17, 18, or 19 Strength, never 20. This will be fixed in the Expansion.
  • Ilvl - The Level listed in the right-hand column is used in a number of game calculations.
    • Clvl req is 3/4 the highest Ilvl modifier. So a Rare with with four mods, Ilvl 8, 22, 30, and 70 would require Clvl 52 to equip.
    • Gambling: When you gamble, the highest possible Ilvl on an item is ra ndomly set to be +6/-3 of your Clvl. So if you are Clvl 40, when you gamble you will have as the highest possible ilvl either 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, or 46. This is random, so for example, if you want to gamble an Ilvl 40 mod, you MUST be Clvl 43 to be sure of having that chance.
    • Imbue: When you imbue, you can always get Ilvls at +6 your Clvl. See our Imbue Strategy guide for many more details.
  • The Ilvl factors into many other things as well, including monster drops, price to repair/buy/sell items, and more.

Amazon Skills

Suffix Item Type lvl requirement
Magic Arrows Amazon Weapons, Bows, Crossbows 12
Fire Arrows Gloves 40
Inner Sight Amulets, Amazon Weapons, Circlets, Gloves(50) 18
Cold Arrows Amazon Weapons, Bows, Crossbows, Gloves(47) 15
Multiple Shot Amazon Weapons, Bows, Crossbows, Gloves(63) 18
Exploding Arrows Amazon Bows, Bows, Crossbows, Gloves(69) 30
Ice Arrows Amazon Bows, Bows, Crossbows, Gloves(72) 36
Freezing arrows Amazon Bows, Bows, Crossbows, Gloves(94) 50
Power Strike Amazon Spears, Spears, Gloves(55) 12
Lightning Strike Amazon Spears, Spears, Gloves(90) 47

The variants of characters who might want to use such charges as multishot and freezing arrows fascinating until they see the repair cost. The repair cost (especially on gloves) are astronomical. It will be extremely hard keeping up with the repairing cost while trying to play seriously.

Barbarian Skills

Suffix Item Type lvl requirement
Bashing Barbarian Helms 7
Stunning Barbarian Helms 18
Concentration Barbarian Helms 24
Grim Ward Barbarian Helms 30

The fact that only barabarian can use the charged skills make these charges obsolete as all of them except grimward are prequisite for the most use skill, whirlwind. Grimward is also pretty much useless for barbarians.

Druid Skills

Suffix Items /lvl requirement
Firestorms Clubs(7), Staves(14)
Fissure Clubs(18), Staves(36)
Twister Clubs(24), Amulets(48), Circlets(48)
Volcano Clubs(30), Hammers(60)
Tornado Clubs(30), Amulets(60), Circlets(60)

Druid skills generally lack effectiveness since all druid elemental skills are underpowered. These charges can usually ruin a good item with good damage prefix.

Necromancer Skills

Suffix Items lvl requirement
Poison Dagger Head(12), Daggers(12), Circlets, Gloves, Rings 24
Bone Spears Head, Daggers, Wands(48), Scepters(48) 24
Poison Novas Head, Daggers, Wands, Scepters(72) 36
Bone Spirits Head, Daggers, Wands, Amulets(72) Circlets(72) 36
Weaken Head, Daggers, Wands, Gloves(24) 12
Terror Head, Daggers, Wands, Shields(36) 18
Confusion Head, Daggers, Wands, Circlets(48), Rings(48) 24
Attraction Head, Daggers, Wands, Amulets(60), Circlets(60), Rings(60) 30
Lower Resistance Head, Daggers, Wands, Staves(72) 36

Necromancer charged spells are the best and most useful in actual combat. The reason for this is that all the curses are complimentary and can be used for all difficulty levels. Lower resistance is a great spell for the Sorceress while attraction can help melee classes escape dangers that they could normally not escape other wise. (i.e surrounded by herds of cows) However, non-curse skills are generally ineffective and is rare to spawn with high skill level.

Paladin Skills

Suffix Items lvl requirement
Sacrifice Paladin Shields, Scepters, Melee Weapons(14) 7
Holy Bolts Paladin Shields, Scepters, Amulets(24), Circets(24) 12
Zeal Paladin Shields, Scepters, Melee Weapons(36) 18
Vengeance Paladin Shields, Scepters, Axes(48), Swords(48) 24
Blessed Hammers Paladin Shields, Scepters, Hammers(48) 247

Paladin spells are generally ineffective for paladin himself, since they are usually low level skills that are perquisite for most used skills. However, Vengeance is an extremely useful skill for melee classes that have no suitable way of dealing against physical immunes. However, the fact that vengeance charges can only spawn on scepters / axes / swords means that the damage potential might have to be sacrificed.

Sorcress Skills

Suffix Items lvl requirement
Ice Bolts Orbs, Staves, Daggers(14) 7
Ice Blasts Orbs(12), Staves(12), Circlets, Hammers, Maces, Rings, Scepters 24
Frost Novas Orbs(12), Staves(12), Amulets, Circlets, Daggers 24
Glacial Spikes Orbs, Staves, Daggers(48) 24
Blizzard Orbs, Staves, Daggers(60) 30
Frozen Orbs Orbs, Staves, Daggers(72) 36
Charged Bolts Orbs(7), Staves(7), Circlets, Hammers, Maces, Rings, Scepters 14
Telekinesis Orbs(12), Staves(12), Circlets, Hammers, Maces, Rings, Scepters 24
Novas Orbs, Staves, Shields(36) 18
Lightning Orbs, Staves, Axes(36), Hammers(36) 18
Chain Lightning Orbs, Staves, Spears(48) 24
Teleportation Orbs, Staves, Amulets(48), Circlets(48) 24
Fire Bolts Orbs(7), Staves(7), Circlets, Rings, Swords 14
Fire Balls Orbs, Staves, Spears(36), Wands(36) 18
Enchantment Orbs, Staves, Melee Weapons(48) 24
Meteors Orbs, Staves, Clubs(60), Daggers(60) 30

The sorceress skills are the second most useful charged spells since they deal pure elemental damage. However, without masteries, the charged spells aren't going to be useful in nightmare or hell level. Some spells like telekinesis and teleportation can be extremely useful in dueling although using charged items will get you lots of frowning faces from other players.