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These no longer work since Blizzard added the ability to have multiple corpses, thanks to so many tricks and crafty gimmicks being used and abused on the realms. These are now non-functional, but it's worth reading over them if only to marvel at the ingenuity of thieves.

The following info dates from 2002, and was resurrected from the warnings section.

Corpse Popping

No one wants to become an "Item Fountain", so be careful and know how the game works, and you can avoid becoming someone else's free lunch.

The basic game feature is that you can only have one corpse at a time. If you die again before you have completely looted your first corpse, you will drop everything you have equipped at that time. A character that does this is known as an "item fountain", and if you do this in a game with other players around, your odds of getting your equipment back are not very good. You should never click on your corpse in a game unless you are all alone in a safe area, or you're sure you can equip or at least hold (in your inventory) every single item on your body.

Most of the scams to trick you into doing this claim it's a way to dupe. This should tell you right there it's a lie, if they had a duping method they'd be busy doing it themselves, not sharing it with total strangers. Anyone who tells you a method to dupe is almost certainly working on a way to screw you over.

The fact that you can only have one corpse is just how the game works, but since many players don't know this, or don't think of it when they are offered some hot-sounding duping trick, the scams continue perpetually.

Corpse popping can be an accident, you might click an item on the way to your body, and therefore not have enough room to loot yourself, or you might have equipment that you don't meet the strength/dexterity requirements for, and have to put on your gear in a special order. If you have +str on your boots that enables you to put on your armor that adds 10 Dex so you can wield your weapon that adds 7 Str so you can put on your helm, the game isn't going to put them on in that order when you click your corpse. You will have to equip the items in that sequence, and if you don't have room in your inventory for the stuff you can't equip, it will stay on your corpse. And if you're killed, you'll drop everything you've got equipped. Item fountain!

Dueling Games

You'll most often see someone Item Fountain (or become one yourself) in a public dueling game. This is one of the main reasons Softcore looting was removed in D2X, since it was never used for any legitimate purpose

The exploit was for a character with just one or two junk items to die right on top of your body. Then when you came running back from town you'd click on their corpse, equip their sword and armor (or whatever) and then when you clicked on your body you wouldn't have room to equip/inv everything, and if someone killed you again as you stood at your body and tried to set things straight, you'd drop everything you had equipped.

This still goes on, with people dropping Rares and mediocre Uniques around the field, or right on top of your body, trying to get you to click them and item fountain when you get killed again. If you run up to your corpse in a dueling or normal game and see a bunch of items around it, and aren't sure you can click your corpse cleanly, don't do it. Crafty thieves will even drop top quality items on your corpse, counting on you picking it up and auto-equipping it, then clicking your corpse and being unable to fully loot yourself. They'll kill you the instant you do, and you'll drop their item, as well as everything you did get from your own body.

Corpse Popping Scams

Of the hundreds (probably thousands) of Warnings emails we've gotten since opening this section nearly two years ago, this scam, and the endless variations of it, has generated by far the most mails. There are nearly an infinite number of scams to trick people into corpse popping, and we wouldn't list them all even if it were possible. All you need to know is the basic rule of one corpse at a time, and you'll see any scam coming long before you fall for it.

The vast majority of corpse popping scams are based on player greed. Scammers claim they can dupe your items, or boost your stats, or boost your experience, but most often it's something to do with item bonuses.

Most of the scams involve tricking you into dying, and then trying to loot yourself when you don't have room to loot everything. The most basic has the scammer getting you to fill your inventory (with weird stuff usually, stamina potions or keys or other stuff a newbie might find odd enough to believe would help them dupe) and then giving you an item to equip. So then when you click your corpse you'll loot everything but whatever the item type they gave you (since you've got nowhere to put it, with all equip and inv full). They then kill you and you drop everything you have equipped, and they of course steal the good stuff, as well as getting back whatever item they gave you.

This is devious since they can give you a great item to equip, making you trust them, while they are only doing it since they know they'll get it back once they kill you.

Such scammers are easy to turn the tables on! You can suddenly kill them when they are talking and not expecting it, (you'll be hostile already, since they always explain that's part of the technique) or you can just keep your inventory clear, so anything you can't equip you'll hold in your inventory. Then when they kill you you'll not have a corpse, and won't drop anything, and will keep their item. Feel free to screw such scammers as best you can, they deserve it, after all.

Horadric Cube on Corpse

This is a clever variation. In it the scammer says to put whatever you wanted to dupe into your Horadric Cube, and to hold it while they killed you. The trick is that anything you are holding, including your Horadric Cube and whatever is in it, goes to your corpse when you die. The scammer would then give you their cube in town, saying it was yours. Since it's impossible to hold two cubes at the same time, when you clicked your corpse you'd pick up everything but the cube, and when they killed you again, you'd drop everything you had equipped.

This one was the craftiest since there was no way to beat it; if you dropped the cube the scammer would notice, you couldn't have a cube in your stash and on your character, and you couldn't get all your stuff even with an empty inventory, since there was no way to hold 2 cubes at once.