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All staffs have the same swing speed in Diablo. (May be boosted by faster hit modifiers.)

In Diablo staves were only useful to spell casters, or for the charges that could be found on them. In Hellfire they are the chief weapon of the Monk class, and a Monk with a kings staff of haste is a very formidable melee fighter, able to hit very quickly, for high damage, and hit all three spaces in front of him at once.

In Hellfire staffs can be purchased from Griswold as well as Adria, but the staffs from Griswold will not have magical modifiers such as spell charges.

Blunt Type

Image Damage Average Durability Requirements Price Qlvl
Short Staff * D1-staff-shortstaff.gif 2 - 4 3 25 - 30 1
Long Staff D1-staff-longstaff.gif 4 - 8 6 35 - 100 4
Composite Staff D1-staff-compositestaff.gif 5 - 10 7.5 45 - 500 6
Quarter Staff * D1-staff-quarterstaff.gif 6 - 12 9 55 20 Str 1,000 9
War Staff D1-staff-warstaff.gif 8 - 16 12 75 30 Str 1,500 12
  • *The Short Staff and the Quarterstaff use the same item graphic.

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