Den of Evil

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Den of Evil is the first quest you come across, and it's easy enough to complete with a great quest reward. It's given by Akara.

Act I: Den of Evil

  • Quest Name: Den of Evil
  • Act: Act I
  • Triggered By: Starting Act I
  • Given by: Akara the Healer
  • Location: Den of Evil (Blood Moor)
  • Reward: One skill point from Akara
  • Quest Priority: Not a mandatory quest, but you'll always want to do it since it's got a great reward, and is very easy.

The Den of Evil will always be in the Blood Moor, the first area outside of town. Follow the dirt path from the gate out of the Rogue Encampment, and it will lead you to it. The path will have a fork, one way will lead to the Cold Plains, the next area, and if you get there and see Flavie, the Rogue NPC standing there, you should backtrack and follow the other fork in the path to the Den (or the DoE as it's called).

Kashya's rogue scouts have found a nearby cave filled with shadowy creatures and horrors from beyond the grave. Akara fears that these creatures are massing for an attack against the encampment. Destroy all of the monsters in the Den of Evil including any Champions or Unique monsters.

Den of Evil cleared.

This is an easy quest, you need merely kill all the monsters in the den. There are usually around 50 of them, depending on the random spawn and size of the Den. When you get down to five left the Quest Button will pop up telling you that, and the display in the Quest Window will count down the remaining kills.


The only potentially tricky part is if you miss a monster, often a Fallen Warrior that will run when you kill something else and get lost in a corner. Clear the Den systematically; be sure you've gotten everything in one area before you move on, especially running Fallen, and you won't have to waste time hunting all over the place for that one last monster.


The "666" Easter Egg. Full image here.

There's a cute Easter Egg in the Den; if there are fewer than five monsters remaining (few enough for the quest prompt to pop up) and a Fallen Shaman resurrects enough Fallen to increase the number above 5, the quest window will display, "Monsters remaining: 666."

On a side-note, if you already have completed the quest, the level is instead named just "Cave" rather than "the Den of Evil".

Quest Dialogues

Quest Introduction (Akara)

There is a place of great evil in the wilderness. Kashya's Rogue scouts have informed me that a cave nearby is filled with shadowy creatures and horrors from beyond the grave. I fear that these creatures are massing for an attack against our encampment. If you are sincere about helping us, find the dark labyrinth and destroy the foul beasts. May the Eye watch over you.

After Given


I should add that many Rogue scouts have died in that horrible place. We cannot afford to lose any more. If you choose to enter that Den of Evil, you must do so alone.


The beasts from the cave have begun to roam throughout the countryside. You'd better be careful out there. You seem like a noble warrior. I hope you can help us.


You're a brave soul! I'd sooner thrust my sacred scepter into the foulest, carbuncular trull than set one boot into that cave.


The demons in that cave have claimed many of my finest archers. I wonder how you will fare!


One who seeks that cave, seeks death.

Early Return


Your task is not complete until you have killed all the demons in that cave.


You haven't cleared the cave, yet? Do you need anything?


Demons still befouling that cave, huh? I think you might need a new weapon.


You'd better come through on this. Your reputation depends on it.


One who hesitates ... does so with good reason.



You have cleansed the Den of Evil. You've earned my trust and may yet restore my faith in humanity. Your reward is training in the skill of your choice.


You are truly brave and skillful ... Akara was worried about you.


The only good demon is a dead one, I say. By the way, did you happen to find anything in that cave you'd like to sell?


Hmm. I'm surprised you survived that test, outlander. Go see Akara. She may reward you.


...That which does not kill you makes you stronger.