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This is the DiabloWiki, which is a community depository for Diablo information of every kind. Any Diablo fan is free to help by expanding sections, just adding numbers, or fixing other editors' typos. As the name suggests, DiabloWiki is a wiki, an open source document that anyone can edit or add to. "All of us are smarter than any of us," goes the theory. Wikis are designed to be easy to edit; they are primarily text-based, and you do not need to know HTML, PHP, CSS or any other programming language to edit wiki pages.

The site is supported by the Unofficial Diablo II Site on Diabloii.Net. We encourage the community to share their knowledge with others to build DiabloWiki.com into the best resource for Diablo there is.


These are the main help pages of DiabloWiki:

Help Out

If you are interested in what you could help the Diablo community with, check out these articles:



If you need to contact DiabloWiki staff for additional help, check out:

  • DiabloWiki Crew - The people behind DiabloWiki (make an entry yourself, if you area a DW visitor!)
  • Flux - Main DiabloWiki Editor, ready to help with any question or request.