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The Diablo II Fact of the Day, or FotD, was a main page feature that ran on Diabloii.net from 1999-2006. New "facts" were posted semi-daily (usually 3-5 a week), and the facts were quick, two or three sentence notes about some aspect of the game, usually with a tiny thumbnail image and a link to a page with more information. The facts covered a wide variety of game features, including skills, monsters, commands, short strategy points, and more. Each year on April Fools a fake FotD was posted, sometimes with an explanation the next day; explanations that were frequently missed by overeager or gullible fans, occasionally leading to small panics amidst the low-information players who frequented the Battle.net forums.

The FotDs were all archived after they were posted, and can now be viewed in this wiki, grouped by month and year.

FotDs became a popular feature on other gaming sites, and were seen on Hellgate: London, World of Warcraft, and other gaming sites. FotDs may return to The Unofficial Site for Diablo III.

1999 Facts of the Day[edit]

The first Facts of the Day were posted in March, 1999.

2000 Facts of the Day[edit]

2001 Facts of the Day[edit]

2002 Facts of the Day[edit]

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2006 Facts of the Day[edit]