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Find Potion[edit]

Required Level: 1

Prerequisites: None
Details: "Find Potion". Formerly "Find Health Potion", this skill now finds health, mana, and rejuvenation potions. A corpse that has had Find Potion used on it can not be raised by a necromancer, nor used by your own Find Item or Grim Ward. Like Find Item, the Barbarian must stand nearly on top of the corpse to use this skill. It can't be targeted at any corpse anywhere, like the Necro's corpse skills. If you target a monster across the screen, the Barbarian will run over and execute the skill standing on top of the targeted corpse.

Find Item is very good to get potions with also, especially when used on bosses and champions, since they'll pop another full drop, usually 4 potions from a Boss, and often full purples from Champions.

Potion odds are 60% Healing, 30% Mana, and 10% Rejuvenation.

  • Act One: Minor/Light Healing/Mana, Rejuves
  • Act Two: Healing/Mana, Rejuves
  • Act Three: Greater Healing/Mana, Full Rejuves
  • Act Four: Greater/Super Healing/Mana, Full Rejuves
  • Act Five: Super Healing/Mana, Full Rejuves

Potions are dropped based on the Act you are in, and difficulty level is not a factor. So you can get full purples in Normal/Act 5, but only partial purples in Hell/Act 1. No, it's not fair.

This is not a skill a Barbarian needs to use that often, if he has decent equipment and leech, but it can be nice to keep full of purples, and others in your party might appreciate it. One point is generally enough, especially if you have the normal Echoing weapons on your switch.
Synergies: None

Mana Cost: 2
Skill Level Progression [e]
Slvl Chance to Find %

Slvl Chance to Find %

Slvl Chance to Find %

Slvl Chance to Find %

1 15 6 55 11 71 16 80
2 27 7 59 12 73 17 81
3 36 8 62 13 75 18 82
4 44 9 66 14 77 19 83
5 50 10 68 15 78 20 84