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Act Two NPCs
Geglash is a jovial, cowardly, humorous drunkard NPC located in Lut Gholein. He is found in Atma's tavern (of course) and never ventures far from it, except in his boasting stories of past glories and exploits. Geglash is not a merchant and does not give any quests or quest rewards; he's purely unintentional comic relief.

Act Two Dialogues


Bah! I don't know why you people keep pestering me. Greiz seems to have this place locked down nice and tight. Not that I couldn't have done the same! I've proven my valor in combat plenty of times.

Special Barbarian Introduction

Hey, you're a Barbarian, aren't ya? Ferocious as the wild beasts of the north, that's what they say. I suppose you've come to help save this city. You needn't bother. Greiz seems to have this place locked down nice and tight. Not that I couldn't have done the same! I've proven my valor in combat plenty of times.

Radament's Lair

Quest Tips

Hey... Don't touch my drink or I'll bore a hole into your skull with my thumb.

Ah-hah! Back for a small shot of courage... Believe me, it doesn't help for long. Drinks, barkeep!

After Completion

Whoah oh... 'Radament the Fallen', is it? I've fallen off many a barstool and no one calls me 'Geglash the Fallen'. They might go so far as to say, 'Geglash, you've fallen!'

The Horadric Staff

The Tainted Sun

Quest Tips

This whole place is one big ale fog.

It's strange when the morning after the night before... is still the same night.

After Completion

So, this is daylight... It's over-rated.

Arcane Sanctuary

Quest Tips

Look, look... I'm just about as tough and arrogant as they come, but you'd never catch me trying to tame a demon for a pet. That's just asking for a lot of trouble.

All my years of brawling, of pummeling both the unsuspecting and the deserving, have yielded two insights. You can either fight or you can run. All other strategies are variations of these.

After Completion

Hah! I wish Jerhyn would've let me in the palace. I would've saved those girls and kicked demon ass back to the fire-pits o' Hell!

The Summoner

Quest Tips

So! Horazon's crazy, eh? I'd be surprised if he wasn't. All those centuries without ale would drive anyone to drink... but then you couldn't drink. And that would drive you to drink... Hah?... What was the question?

After Completion

The way I see it... Well, it's all pretty blurry.

The Seven Tombs

Quest Tips

Ohh... I'd go with ya' to those tombs... But... umm... I don't like all that living dead stuff.

After Completion

You're an inspiration! And such a hero that it makes me look twice as bad... Ahh, you're OK... Hey! Just save some glory for us little guys, huh?