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The structure of DiabloWiki is important, and when making new articles, or uploading images, make sure that you add it to the right categories. You might also want to make sure that you are using the right boilerplate if one is available.


The structure of the category system in DiabloWiki is important to be able to easily sort and navigate through articles. It's vital to make sure that your articles end up in the right category, and that your categories are sorted in to the right structure. As any article or category can belong to any article or category, some of these can exist in multiple places. That is fine, as long as the structure in itself is logical.

"(*)" Means that a category appears in more than one other superior category.

Article Category Roots

All categories should be added to different categories and eventually they should all link through to Category:Root, the main category.

Content Category

All articles with content should be added to Category:Content, the main category for content. This is the "main" category of articles in the wiki, which is supposed to be about content. Other categories are used to help provide content efficiently.