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(Add new leaf picture showing the difference with inherent bonuses. The older versions had the implicits shown but the stats were in an old D2 format.)
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| [[Image:Uber_leaf.jpg|frame|Normal Staff with implicits]]
| [[Image:leaf.png|frame|Normal Staff]]

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Leaf, made from Tir + Ral, in staves.

Normal Staff with implicits
Normal Staff

Runeword Stats Comments Active In
v1.11+ v1.10 v1.09

Tir (3) + Ral (8)
Staves {2}
Clvl Required: 19

+3 to Fire Skills

Adds 5-30 Fire Damage
+3 to Inferno (Sorceress Only)
+3 to Warmth (Sorceress Only)
+3 to Fire Bolt (Sorceress Only)
+(2*Clvl) Defence (Based on Character Level)
Cold Resist +33%
+2 to Mana after each Kill

+ To Sorceress skill levels. Yes Yes Yes