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How to Help [e]
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You can help with Sections!

DiabloWiki is a great resource for everyone, and is built by members of the community adding small or big contributions. Time or English skills are not constraints that should keep you from signing up to the project, as some members might have plenty of time but using English as a second language, and others have skills but only time to correct grammar!

You can help out in the wiki by either filling out Incomplete Pages (also known as "Stubs"). You can also check out the Community Portal for information on the current wiki focus.

Your Account
Your account will work on both the Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 wikis here at DiabloWiki, if you sign up on one of them. If you have an account on any other Diablo site, such as Diabloii.Net, you will not automatically be able to use that username; you will have to sign up for DiabloWiki separately.

Getting help
When you have signed up, this is how you get help:

  • Our homegrown Help section includes almost anything you would like to know.
  • The Wiki Markup page is great if it's a specific piece of "wiki code" you need.
  • The FAQ answers a lot of further questions.
  • The Community Portal Discussion is a good place to ask questions to be answered by the community.
  • The DiabloWiki Support Forum can also be used to get help from sysops and members.
  • If all else fails, or you just want to talk to someone, ask Elly or Flux, as the two of them are here to help those who are here to help!
  • There is a support forum also, if you prefer.

External Links
If you want to search for more help on wikis externally, this is three good articles to check out:

The Diablo 1 and Diablo2 Wiki
If you're looking for Diablo 3 info, check out to the DiabloWiki Diablo 3 section on
Featured Article
The Median XL mod.

Mods for games have been around since the first programmer opened a game to look inside the code how it worked. Many modmakers have even gone to become part of the industry, making games themselves.

In the Diablo franchise, there's mods for Diablo I and Diablo II, and loads of skilled fans waiting to get their hands on Diablo III.

A mod refers to a a modified version of a game, usually a player-made version of the game with various added features or gameplay changes. Such games are generally referred to as "mods." Some people mistake these for cheats and hacks, which they are not! A mod will alter gameplay much more than a simple hack would.

The rich history of mods has been added to the DiabloWiki, and is available for anyone to read. Information about individual mods like Median XL by Brother Laz or the Eastern Sun as well as modding history or modding tips can be found on the main modding article:

Read more about different modifications to the Diablo games on the Mod article.

Other Featured Articles.
Did you Know... [e]
Pages are being added and updated rapidly. Here are some of the latest:

The Strategy Section is a great place to find and add Diablo 2 guides, and as categorisation of the Diablo2Wiki improves, several more were added to the Amazon class. The most recently added strategies to the wiki is "Clvl 99 in Record Time", "Flux's Javazon Guide", "Muling Guide", and "Premium Bow Comparison". If you have a strategy to share, please share it with the community.

General updates like Multiplayer, Gem, Cube Recipes and Crafting FAQ also keeps the wiki ticking over. Make sure to join in and make DiabloWiki both the primary Diablo 2 source, and also the best polished one!

Other Recent additions