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Martial Arts ID Sheet

Below is a quick-reference ID guide to the Assassin's Martial Art Charge ups. The first column shows the skill icon and the orb colours and the three columns after show execution after accumulating one, two and three charges.

Skill Charged One Two Three
Tiger Strike Tiger-strike-id.gif Tiger-strike-id1.jpg Tiger-strike-id2.jpg Tiger-strike-id3.jpg
Fist of Fire Fists-of-fire-id.gif Fists-of-fire-id1.jpg Fists-of-fire-id2.jpg Fists-of-fire-id3.jpg
Cobra Strike Cobra-strike-id.gif Cobra-strike-id1.jpg Cobra-strike-id2.jpg Cobra-strike-id3.jpg
Claws of Thunder Claws-of-thunder-id.gif Claws-of-thunder-id1.jpg Claws-of-thunder-id2.jpg Claws-of-thunder-id3.jpg
Blades of Ice Blades-of-ice-id.gif Blades-of-ice-id1.jpg Blades-of-ice-id2.jpg Blades-of-ice-id3.jpg
Phoenix Strike Phoenix-strike-id.gif Phoenix-strike-id1.jpg Phoenix-strike-id2.jpg Phoenix-strike-id3.jpg
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