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(Stats and Attributes)
(Stats and Attributes)
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Per Level Up: ***
Per Level Up: ***
* Life: +2
* Life: +2
* Mana: +2Per Attribute Point:
* Mana: +2
Per Attribute Point:
* 1 Vitality = 2 life
* 1 Vitality = 2 life
* 1 Magic = 2 mana
* 1 Magic = 2 mana

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These it.

Inherent Skill


The Monk has inherent access to the Search skill. It works just as it does for other characters, causing items on the ground to glow and making a blue square appear where the item lies on the overlay map. The only difference is that the Monk doesn't have to read a book or spend any mana to cast Search.

Tip: Casting Search several times in rapid succession will make the effect last much longer than it does from a single cast.

Stats and Attributes

A collection of useful stats and figures for the Monk. Refer to the Diablo Characters page to see these figures, and others, in tables for easy comparison between the six character classes of Diablo and Hellfire.

Monk 385 315 375 305 741 728
Start Values Max Values
Max Values (Equipped) *
Diablo / Hellfire **
Life: 45
Mana: 22
Strength: 25
Magic: 15
Dexterity: 25
Vitality: 20
Life: 201
Mana: 183
Strength: 150
Magic: 80
Dexterity: 150
Vitality: 80
Life: 741
Mana: 728
Strength: 385
Magic: 315
Dexterity: 375
Vitality: 305
Armor Class: 419
To/Hit: 437

Per Level Up: ***

  • Life: +2
  • Mana: +2

Per Attribute Point:

  • 1 Vitality = 2 life
  • 1 Magic = 2 mana
  • * Not all maximum values can be achieved at once. Each value is only attainable by devoting all of your equipment to that particular attribute or statistic.
  • ** Hellfire maximum values are higher for the Rogue, Warrior, and Sorcerer since new uniques added in Hellfire make possible much higher attribute levels. The values for mana and life do not include the unique jewelry that transfers life to mana, or vice versa.
  • *** No life or mana increases are granted at level 50.

Armor Class

The Monk has an odd property in that he gains less defensive benefit from heavier armor. High AC plate will still give the Monk his highest possible defense, but he'll gain less defense from it than any other character class in the game, and he will usually suffers an AC penalty by wearing mail. His AC with mail on will be lower than his AC without any armor at all. The net result of this is that Monks have by far the highest AC without any armor on, or in light armor, but their highest armor values are lower than those of the other classes.

  • Plate: Dex/5 + AC (items)
  • Mail: Dex/5 + AC (items) + .5 x Clvl
  • Light: Dex/5 + AC (items) + 2 x Clvl
  • No Armor: Dex/5 + AC (items) + 2 x Clvl

Unique armor modifies this slightly: Uniques count as the next lighter type of armor, so unique plate is penalized as if it were mail, unique mail as if it were light, and unique light has no penalty at all.

Rogue Tactics


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Bow Strategy


Spell Support


Bow Damage Limitation


Monk Lore

Monks were added in Hellfire.

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