Plains of Despair

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The Plains of Despair is a lower area of the periphery of Hell, located between the Outer Steppes and the City of the Damned in Act IV. These plains host Izual, the fallen Angel.


Diablo II Level Info [e]
Plains of Despair.jpg
Plains of Despair
Norm Night Hell
Area lvl # # #
Venom Lord, Doom Knight, Corpulent, Doom Caster, Flesh Spawner, Flesh Beast, Burning Soul, Trapped Soul
# # #
Fill out Fill out Fill out
Izual mlvl 29 Izual mlvl 60 Izual mlvl 86
Gold-chest Fill out
Waypoint No
Outer Steppes, City of the Damned
Quests The Fallen Angel
Izual the SuperUnique.

The plains of despair are part of the realm of Hell and is full of tormented souls and aberrations. The most tormented one of all is of course Izual, who is a fallen Angel. He is the one who informed the Prime Evils of what the soulstones can do, and is the reason for much suffering on Sanctuary.

You are given the The Fallen Angel quest upon entering the Pandemonium Fortress, and your mission is to seek him out and kill him, to redeem his soul.

Izual is found randomly placed somewhere in the Plains of Despair. He is a quest boss and must be killed to complete the quest, and since the reward for doing so is two skill points from Tyrael, this is a quest that no character passes up.

Izual AKA Izzy, isn't dangerous, but he can be quite tedious, with more hit point than any sub-Act Boss monster, and relatively high resistances to go with it. He's even got cold attacks with a very long chill duration, to further slow the killing speed of most characters.

When Izual dies (just like Shenk the Overseer in Act Five) all the other monsters within a screen or two die as well, so it can be worth it to whittle Izual down to a sliver, then lead him to a crowded area (or lead crowds to him) before delivering the coupe de grace and killing dozens of monsters at once. There's no experience bonus from this sort of crowd kill, and the drops from the slain monsters do not check to you character's gold/magic find, so it's just a fun little trick, rather than a source of any real profit.

Tips: Try to get someone else in the game if you are on to help you with him. Sorceresses are the best, since with Static Field they can take Izzy down most of the way a lot faster than any other attack. Use your biggest damage weapon on Izual, he's not much of a threat to deal you damage, he just has so many hit points you'll often need to go get repairs in the middle of the fight.

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