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Act Five NPCs
Qual-Kehk is the NPC commander of Harrogath, and the one who hires and resurrects NPCs. He can be found pacing near the well in the square in the center of town, and his dialogues are military and gruff.

Qual-Kehk gives the second quest in Act Five, and the 3 rune reward for completing it.

Act Five Dialogues

Quest One: Stop the Siege

Quest Two: Rescue on Mt. Arreat

"My concerns have turned to my men taken prisoner on the battlefield by Baal's demons. I hate to think what's happened to them. As you journey up the mountain, keep your eyes out for my soldiers and bring them back to me if you can. Those of my men fortunate enough to escape on their own told me that they were held captive in the highlands and plateaus."

After Completion

Thank you for rescuing my men. They have spoken well of your bravery in battle. Perhaps there is hope for us after all. If you wish, you may hire some of my mercenaries that you saved. And please... take this set of runes. I had been saving them for a socketed shield, but I think you'll make better use of them. Be sure to set them in the right order for their fullest effect.

Quest Three: Prison of Ice

Quest Four: Betrayal of Harrogath

Quest Five: Rite of Passage

Quest Six: Eve of Destruction