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Quest One: Radament's Lair

  • Quest Name: Radament's Lair
  • Triggered By: Starting the Act
  • Given by: Atma
  • Location: Sewers, Level Three
  • Reward: Book of Skill (+1 Skill Point), discounted prices in town
  • Quest Priority: Not mandatory, but you'll always want to do it since it's got a great reward.

There are two entrances to the Sewers below town. Whichever you take you must find the stairs down and continue down to level three, where Radament will be found. This used to be a very popular area to level up in, but with v1.08 it became impossible to leech from skeletons, which rules this area out for almost all combat characters. There are zombies and other monsters you can leech from, but the majority of monsters here are Burning Dead.

Found on level three, Radament is a Greater Mummy that you must destroy to avenge the death's of Atma's husband and son. This is a preview of the dozens of Greater Mummies you will face later in the act, and Radament is surrounded by a substantial retinue of skeletons of all types which he can raise up after you destroy them. He also has a slashing claw melee attack, and a poison breath ranged attack.

Tips: The stairs down from Sewers 1 are in one of three locations every time. You should always enter by the stairs near the waterfront, and go to the right. Most of the time the stairs down will be in the far right corner of the level. If not there, go back to the south, past the entrance, and they will usually be in that corner, or a bit down or up from there.

Using a cold attack on Radament's skeleton minions is very useful to shatter them so they can't be resurrected. If you can't do that, you should try to lead them away from him so they are out of resurrection range.