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{{Assassin Skills}}The Order of Mage Slayers was formed after the Vizjerei survived the tragedy brought on by Bartuc and Horazon. Their purpose was to watch for rogue magi that may become corrupted by the forces of Evil. To be effective at this task they were trained in abilities that were not conducive to Demonic corruption. Living as rumor and myth to the general population, even other magi knew very little about this mysterious order. Their reputation was shrouded in mystery and the simple fear of their retribution almost ensured steadfast vigilance against corruption amongst those who knew they were real.
Assassins do not employ the magical arts directly; rather, they use enchanted items that mimic elemental powers and can be used autonomously. To further avoid potential corruption, they focus on the natural abilities of the mortal body - powers of the mind and unarmed combat.
==Assassin Properties=={{Assassin Skills}}
All fractional values are calculated exactly, but are rounded down in the character window, so displayed values may vary slightly.
* As a special character bonus, assassins '''do not require keys''' to open locked chests.
===Claw Weapons===
The Diablo II Expansion introduced a new class of weapons that is expressly for the Assassin. These are claw-like weapons that she wears on her hands, either single- or dual-wielding. They can only be worn by the Assassin, and are the only way that an Assassin can dual wield. Assassins are not very skilled with other weapon types, so it's rare to see one using anything but Claws.
==Martial Arts==
View the [[Assassin Martial Arts]] skill tree. As you'd expect from the title of this tree, these will allow her to perform various styles of combat kicks, as well as power-ups to augment her finishing moves.
Check [[Assassin FAQ]] for weapons that can be used with Martial Arts.
==Shadow Disciplines==
[[Assassin Shadow Disciplines|This skill tree]] is similar to the Amazon's Passive and Magic Tree, though there are many more combat type skills here, things that actually do damage, rather than just boosting your other attributes.
Neither Shadow can cast any Shadow skills and they do not level up should they stay alive long enough. You will not benefit from any aura type skills {Burst of Speed, Fade & Venom} your Shadow casts and vise versa.
[[Assassin Traps|This skill tree]] lets the Assassin deal with packs before they get the chance to deal with her. A combination of projectile and remote devices to ensnare her foe. Three branches, lighting, fire and blades. All can attack multiple enemies at once, even the early grenade types such as Fire Blast and Shock Web have an area effect, albeit relatively small. Level 12 it gets more inventive, and in some ways easier, as she can set remote sentries to attack whilst she's also attacking with a martial arts skill for example. These sentries will attack up to 5 or 10 times, depending on the sentry, before disappearing.
All sentries/grenades/blades can be thrown/set across rivers and over small walls, basically anywhere within the line of sight. Her Sentries are visible to other players, even hostile players. They disappear should she leave the level, whether voluntary or involuntary {death}. However they will not disappear if she stays put on the level after she dies, they will continue firing until they have used all their charges.
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