Stony Field

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The Cairn Stones
Once completing quest 2 and receiving a free rogue mercenary as a reward from Kashya, Akara will direct you to Tristram in order to search for the Horadrim sage Deckard Cain who she believes will provide some useful advice to combat the growing evil. Here in the Stony Field lies a magical portal which leads directly to Tristram which can only be opened by activating the Cairn Stones. However, this must be done in a specific order, and the answer to this lies with the Tree of Inifuss. Searching for this ancient tree is the first step.

Found guarding the Cairn Stones will be Rakanishu, an extra fast lightning enchanted Carver (a Fallen variant). This unmistakable superunique along with its Carver minions is usually the fastest monster encountered so far.

Level Information

  • Monster levels are always equal to the area level with exception to uniques (mlvl +3) and champions (mlvl +2).
  • Rakanishu has a higher level than a typical unique monster would have in this area (refer to table below).
  • The Carvers here appear without a shaman.
  • A group of Fallen and Fallen Shamen always spawn separately in a "carver camp" in this area and are included as a monster group (refer to table below).

Info List Normal Nightmare Hell
Area Level: 4 37 68
Spawnable Monsters: Fallen, Fallen Shaman, Carver, Skeleton, Hungry Dead, Foul Crow, Foul Crow Nest
Possible Monster Groups: 4 4 4
Random Bosses: Yes Yes Yes
Superuniques: Rakanishu, mlvl 8 Rakanishu, mlvl 40 Rakanishu, mlvl 71
Gold Chests: No
Waypoint: Yes
Level Junctions: Cold Plains, The Underground Passage, Tristram (Cairn Stones must be activated)
Quests: --