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Required Level: 18
Prerequisites: Telekinesis.
Synergies: None.
Details: Teleport moves the Sorceress instantly to any valid location she can point her cursor at. This skill will pop her over creeks, past any number of monsters, through walls, etc.

  • Teleport is a great time-saver, as well as a way to escape monsters. This makes the Sorceress the best character for doing speedruns, the only parts that cannot be skipped are Act Bosses that must be killed to advance to the next stage.[1]
  • With each Teleport all of a character's minion(s) will all reappear directly on top of them. This is very useful to keep them organized and to best use them to position monsters for destructive spell damage.
  • Items that grant Teleport or teleport charges are quite popular for all characters, especially when used in duelling or Magic Finding.
  • One skill point in Teleport is enough, as additional points in Teleport do nothing but reduce the mana cost.
Skill Level Progression [e]
Slvl Mana

Slvl Mana

Slvl Mana

Slvl Mana

1 24 6 19 11 14 16 9
2 23 7 18 12 13 17 8
3 22 8 17 13 12 18 7
4 21 9 16 14 11 19 6
5 20 10 15 15 10 20 5

Teleport Builds[edit]