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This template contains both Class and Skill info

Work in progress!

Legend: Just use ONE of these variables:

{{Fan creation navbox
|d3                      Diablo 3 Classes
|d2                      Diablo 2 Classes
|lod                     Diablo 2: LoD Classes
|d1                      Diablo 1 Classes
|hellfire                Diablo 1: Hellfire Classes
|Class                   Class info
|Skill                   Skill info
|fan_class               Fan classes
|fan_skill               Fan skills

Idea: Make sub-menus, they just have to show all, including previous menus. If possible... --Leord 23:56, 19 June 2010 (UTC)

How it works:

The main template has one variable that is used to determine what should be shown. Since the tab script can't show multiple titles per tab, the table row for one game's classes needs to be repeated. Instead of copy+pasting it 100 times, it's in another template.

The first variable of that template is to make it different to each class, and in a way, it's only used by the main template. They will always be in the main template as a table row. This type of template has a second variable, it's transferring the variable used on the main article, so that the right content is shown.

In each instance of the secondary template, only the right info is active.

Character Classes [e]
Diablo II Diablo I

Assassin (e)
Druid (e) Necromancer

Barbarian (e)
Bard (e)
Monk (e) Rogue
Diablo I NPCs

(e) = Expansion class
 {{Class navbox
 |"I" or "II"
 |[[Category:Diablo I classes]] (or nothing)