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Terror's End, is the cinematic that plays at the end of act 4 in Diablo 2. It runs for 3:03.



I heard later that he was defeated. And that the Soulstones were destroyed in Hellforge. All except one...
I failed, Tyrael. I couldn't do as you asked, I couldn't enter that gate... Forgive me, Tyrael, forgive me...

Hooded Man

Marius, give me the stone, and all is forgiven.
Give it to me Marius.


Take it! Take it, take it! I'm glad this is finally over, Tyrael. Look what the stone has done to me!

Hooded Man

You haven't failed old man. You've done exactly as you were meant to do. However, I am not the Archangel Tyrael.


Baal! No... No, no no no...


You have done well Marius, now I think you should have your reward.


What have I done to deserve this?