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Quest Six: The Guardian

  • Quest Name: The Guardian
  • Triggered by: Smashing the Compelling Orb or entering the Durance of Hate
  • Given by: Ormus
  • Location: Mephisto is on level three of the Durance of Hate, entered from the large temple in Travincal
  • Rewards: None from NPCs, but you will find a portal to take you to Act Four.
  • Quest Priority: You must complete this quest to move on to Act Four

On the third level of the Durance of Hate you'll find Mephisto. You must kill him to gain access to the Hell Gate, the portal to Act Four. You can see it in the middle of the blood lake, but can't get to it, even with teleport or leap attack, until you kill Mephisto. Once he's dead and you walk over towards the Portal from his side of the blood, a bridge of skeletons will emerge from the blood.

Mephisto is not all that hard, his main weapon is a fast cold ball that can do huge damage if you lack sufficient cold resistance. He also has a charged bolt sort of attack and a close range poison attack, but neither of those are real dangerous to a properly-equipped character.

It's often harder to get to him, with the three High Council members on the level. Beware of Bremm Sparkfist, Wyand Voidbringer, and Maffer Dragonhand. Bremm has a few minions and is always near the entrance to the large room with the blood pools. He was terribly difficult in Diablo II pre-v1.08, since he was always Lightning Enchanted and Blessed Aim Aura Enchanted, and on Nightmare and Hell he would very often get Multi-shot also. He's also very quick, and will usually just devour any minions you put in his path. Since v1.08 he's changed from Lightning to Fire Enchanted, so he is much less dangerous.

Around Mephisto and often elsewhere on the level you'll find lots of Dark Lords, so get used to Meteors raining down.

Tips: You can kill Mephisto from a distance if you have a ranged attack and can't go toe to toe. Get him to come over near the Blood moat and run around to the other side. If you keep him just on the edge of the screen, you can shoot him with impunity.

Bremm Sparkfist is always in the middle of the room, but the other two High Council members are in the side rooms, so you can fight one or the other of them going around, but you won't have to do both unless you go looking for them.

If Bremm Sparkfist or one of the other High Council bosses are too hard to kill, and too fast to ditch, you can lead them into a side room and take a town portal out, then take another character's portal or the waypoint back down and go through Level three without having to deal with them, as long as you leave them in whatever side room you ditched them in by your portal. This works in reverse also; cast a portal near Mephisto, lead the High Council to the stairs up, run to the waypoint, and go down your portal.