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This section contains information from way, way back in the day, before Diablo II was even into beta testing. The info is based on screenshots, gameplay movies, and the first hand play experience the team (Elly and Flux) garnered at E3 and other game shows in 1998 and 1999.

The original versions of these pages, with a few more screenshots and lots of broken links, can be seen here. Apologies for the broken links and references to old gameplay movies, but we can't help with those. This is all 8 or 9 years gone, at this point.

This info is now massively outdated, and should only be viewed for entertainment purposes. See the Monsters page for current, state of the art information on the monsters of Diablo II.


Each three acts and the Finale will have its own unique horde of monsters. A few of Diablo's original monsters will make a reappearance such as The Fallen, Zombie and Skeleton classes simply because the team liked them and really no dungeon would be complete without them. Diablo will be joined by his brothers Baal and Mephisto as well as the subject of the final Act One quest, the lesser evil Andariel.

Monspic main.gif
In a community forum post Erich Schaefer, head of Blizzard North's character and monster design team, stated that they "...have over 60 unique monster models..." in the game with usually about three to four palette shifts per model. Doing the math gives us a total of 180 to 240 monster types. In addition to the standard monsters the game will incorporate random uniques with random abilities and minions, random "Champions" with different abilities that are always found alone, and special uniques that are vitally important to the Diablo 2 storyline. Additionally monster spawners that act like monsters will make an appearance as well as monster like objects e.g.- turrets that shoot fireballs. All in all quite a cornucopia for aspiring Diablo 2 adventurers to feast on.

In addition to the palette shifts, the component system, mentioned in the Characters section, allows for the creation of more complex monster differentiation as lead artist Phil Shenk explains.

" could have a monster that uses almost as many weapons as you do, and uses different kinds of armor too. So we have a lot of different looks to the monsters. A monster might have five different kinds of heads to just give it a different look."

The AI has been improved also. When we played DII back in May we noticed that standing in the doorway to pick monsters off one by one didn't work. If you tried to employ this tactic a monster would come and smack you out the way. It seems Blizzard wants us to be in the thick of the action all the time.

Another AI-related factor is that the player will face different monsters depending on whether it's day or night and monsters will now travel in packs. "It won't just be a salt-and-pepper shaker of monsters, they tend to roam in packs and have behaviours that relate to their packs"

On the pages that follow are comments on and pictures of monsters from Diablo 2 as gleaned from the available screenshots, renders, and videos released to date. In addition some info was obtained from personal experiences of members of the staff at viewings at various trade shows. As further info is released during the beta, to be followed by the torrent of info that will accompany the actual release of the game, we will endeavour to update or revamp parts of this section as needed. A final caveat, all monster names used in the following material were obtained whenever possible from original Blizzard media. Nevertheless many names may differ from those used in the final version of the game since many of the monster nicks used within the fansite community may simply be just placeholder names and not representative of Blizzard's final name selection for the respective monster. With that understood please proceed onward and ...

Act One[edit]


The expected final quest of Act One will be the defeat and killing of Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish. One of four lesser members of the Seven Great Evils, she will reputedly be surrounded by some very powerful and intelligent minions. Since in previously released videos she has only been seen in the company of Fallen and Zombie class creatures one would expect that Blizzard has a few surprises in store. Nevertheless she will not be a pushover alone for she has a wide area poison attack that can engage at range and a reputedly fierce melee attack for those who wander too close. Seen in released gameplay videos to be susceptible to fire based magical attack, in particular the "Meteor" skill of the Sorceress, it would be wise to use caution considering the gameplay videos to date were from earlier builds of the game.

Blood Raven[edit]

"Blood Raven" is a special unique Rogue priestess that plays an important role in an early Act One quest. According to info related by staff members, who had the opportunity to play the E3 build, killing her in her cemetery hangout allows you to recruit mercenaries earlier rather than later in your Act One travels. She is extremely fast - "picture goat archers that move twice as fast as you can walk and you're outdoors not in hallways where you can chase her into a corner". In gameplay videos she has been seen to shoot both regular and fire arrows so both the passive evade skill and fire resistance will come in handy. She undoubtedly will be a lot of fun for characters that rely principally on melee attacks to dole out the damage.

Bone Mage[edit]

The Bone Mage is a late addition to the pre-beta cast of monsters for Act One. They are seen in only one screenshot casting what appear to be "Ice Daggers" at a "Resist Cold" aura equipped Paladin. The aforementioned shot is from one of the "Monastery" levels, considered currently to be the hardest set of levels from the act. The level depicted in the shot combined with their evident spell casting abilities, supports the likelihood of the Bone Mage being a high level Act One monster. Similar to many other skeleton types seen so far in Diablo 2, and unlike Diablo 1, Blizzard North has chosen to dress them up a little. As evident in the above shot they've been provided with a head piece or helm, a shoulder draped garment, and a skirt or short-like cloth covering the groin and thigh area (could that be a kilt?). Shown radiating a purplish blue glow around their forearms and hands, when casting, they are a novel addition to the Diablo 2 monster list since no skeleton class monsters were able to cast ranged magic spells in the original Diablo.

Corrupted Rogue[edit]

The victims of Andariel's evil ministrations, many types and subtypes of Corrupted Rogues (CR's) are expected to be encountered during your Act One travels. Again quoting E3 attendees... "There were heaps of different types of Corrupted Rogues at E3". Even though ostensibly equipped with the full complement of the component armour and weapon system only the following subtypes have been noted in the various gameplay videos to date - "Dark Spear Woman", "Dark Hunter Spear", and "Dark Hunter". Though only one screenshot to date has shown them wielding bows it was reported from those attending E3 that "lots of CR's had bows" so those expecting Diablo I rogue-like behaviour will not be disappointed.


These relatively large creatures were featured in early Blizzard renders showing the artwork of Diablo 2. Two subtypes have been noted in gameplay videos - "Disfigured" and "Afflicted" (Paladin 1:24 & PC Games 1:13). Whether these apply to the same or different creatures is unknown due to that placeholder names were believed to be quite common at the stage of the game development when the videos were taken. Nevertheless two colour types have been noted - one with a greenish body and brown mane/nape and one with a brown body and grey on the collar. Witnessed to have a close up melee attack as well as a ranged lightning attack at E3 they have also been seen in a render to have what appears to be a cold based ranged attack as well.


The Fallen of Act One are perhaps the most commonly seen monster type in screenshot and video to date. Though according to game video ID tags plain Fallen seem to occur in only in a pale green colour there are orange, red, gold, and blue that have been noted as well in the act. Red seems to be the most common colour and so far is the most commonly noted colour of the "Fallen Shaman" subtype seen in screenshot and video. Noted to have a fireball ranged attack and also possessed of the ability to resurrect their deceased brethren it becomes therefore imperative that they be eliminated early on in any engagement so as to avoid fighting the same battles over and over. In gameplay videos when the "Fallen Shaman" is killed the rest of the pack immediately exhibit the flight response typical of the fallen from Diablo 1. In addition to the above aforementioned subtypes an additional fallen type labelled "Dark One", featuring a dull grey colour, has also been noted in gameplay videos (GameStar 7/99 2:00 & PC Games 0:20). So far it has been seen only nearby or in Andariel's throne room down in the depths of the monastery.

Foul Crow[edit]

Seen in only two screenshots to date and not ID tagged in any released gameplay videos very little is known about this creature. It is notable however for appearing in the one screenshot where a "monster generator" is believed to be depicted. Monster generators are a new addition to the game play milieu in Diablo 2. Both static and moving monster generators are believed to exist in the game. They will continue to repopulate an area until they are destroyed. This factor alone will keep players on their toes for you will no longer be able to count on previously cleared areas to stay that way, as in the original Diablo, and this will likely have a significant effect on gameplay strategies. Unlike their Act Two cousins the Foul Carrion ,which appear to be flightless, the Foul Crow are definitely flight capable and have been seen in both indoor and outdoor areas of Act One. There is no info available yet on its AI tendencies and whether it has a ranged attack in addition to its expected ability to deal close up damage with its claws and beak.

Gargantuan Beast[edit]

One of the star monsters of the GameStar mega video of January 99, where it was seen mainly on the receiving end of the Amazon's poison javelin, this huge lumbering creature is well deserving of its name. Current speculation, however, is that its appellation is one of the many believed to be just placeholder names. So "Brute" or "Gargantuan Beast" either way it is an interesting addition to the Act One menagerie. It's size alone suggests a good number of hit points as well as solid damage from a direct melee attack. No range attack has been seen as yet. It has also been noted for serving as a placeholder graphic for the Necromancer's golem in several videos (GameStar 7/99 3:24 & PC Player 1:40) in which it was seen with the "Brute" ID tag.

Quill Rat[edit]

An aptly named creature whose early on distinction was its similarity in shape and size to the "Scavenger" monster class from Diablo 1. It was nevertheless clearly shown in the January GameStar video to differ from the "Scavenger" class by having a very distinct ranged attack using it's quills as projectiles. Once disturbed it launches a well aimed shaft which during flight appears very much like a small arrow. Though undoubtedly a nuisance to characters specialising in melee they seem to provide very little challenge either up close or at a distance. In death they curl up into a half ball exposing their quills at perpendicular angles to the plane of the body. It is expected that they will be the source of many an Amazon arrow through her use of the "Convert" skill on quills given up on their death. I can almost hear your friendly neighbourhood Amazon uttering the phrase... "Sorry be right back gotta bag me some quill rats to replenish my arrows". Apparently found throughout the outdoor areas of Act One a subtype has been noted indoors in a gameplay video (Paladin 1:13) under the different ID tag "Thorn Beast".


An early nominee for fiercest looking Act One monster the Razorback has unfortunately not been seen very often in screenshots or videos to date. Consequently very little is known about its behaviour and attack style. From one early screenshot we can infer that it is apparently susceptible to some form of "stone curse" type magical attack. Nothing original there since excepting the big "D" himself all monsters in Diablo 1 were susceptible to stone curse. However since the Amazon, featured along with the razorback in the shot, is not currently known to have access to a skill type giving the greyish white "frozen" effect of the original stone curse spell (her cold based arrow skills give a bluish tinge to the frozen effect) this could of course be a case of speculation run rampant. Only time and eventual release of the game will likely lead to a rational explanation of the shot. Nevertheless the Razorback, simian in stance, with long arms whose knuckles drag along the ground, and equipped with a formidable looking row of sharp dorsal spines, as its name reflects, will undoubtedly make for fun company along the Diablo 2 trail.


A great feature in which Diablo 2's monster development differs from the methods used in the original Diablo is the previously discussed "Component Armour and Weapon System". Of all the monster types revealed so far by Blizzard to be used in the sequel the Skeleton class may be the one to most benefit from the component system in terms of variety of appearance and impact on gameplay. The kinds of nuances added to gameplay by the component armour and weapon system are certainly a welcome addition to the game design for they add variety and require additional tactical thought by the player. Not content to just add variety of armour and weapons, Mike Huang of Blizzard North has recently revealed that monsters equipped with shields will also be able to block attacks the same way player characters can. You can bet that this monster skill, new in Diablo 2, will be featured in the Skeleton class and may significantly impact the "luck" factor in the game. Though skeletons are expected to be a big part of the monster environment in Diablo 2, screenshots and videos seem to imply that they are significantly more prevalent in Act Two rather than Act One. Nevertheless one skeleton subtype - "Corpse" - has been clearly seen in the outdoor areas of Act One in the recent PC Player video (1:11).

Thorned Hulk[edit]

One of the most impressive if not the most impressive of the Act One non unique monsters is the "Thorned Hulk". The abilities of the "Thorned Hulk" appear to be a closely guarded Blizzard North secret (are we being a little paranoid here?) since it has only been seen in one Act One screenshot and has been absent from all videos released to date. Featured in an early Blizzard piece on monster creation Anatomy of a Thorned Hulk it's characteristics and AI behaviour have nevertheless remained a mystery.


Many shots of Zombie class monsters are noted in released screenshots and videos. With the exception of the "Fallen" class they have been featured to the greatest extent in the currently available media. As their Diablo 1 brethren they are slow moving and, those in Act One, seem to feature only a close up melee attack. Three distinct subtypes have been clearly ID tagged in videos to date - "Hungry Dead", "Carcass", and "Ghoul". The "Hungry Dead" have been seen mostly in the outdoor areas of Act One where they will likely provide much early level monster fodder for those starting new characters. The "Carcass" subtype has been seen in the Blizzard Paladin video (1:56) in the "Crypt" level, and the "Ghoul" subtype has only been found in or nearby "Andariel's" throne room in the bowels of the Monastery in both the GameStar 7/99 (2:25) and PC Games (1:32) videos. No inkling yet on whether a Zombie subtype similar to the "Black Death" from Diablo 1 will reappear. Undoubtedly the least favourite Zombie type of Diablo 1 "Warrior" class vets, given their penchant for melee style combat, due to it's ability to reduce the absolute hit point cap. It's unlikely however that a similar monster type will be included in Diablo 2 since it has been stated that there will be no character level cap in the game and hence absolute hit point caps presumably will not be a feature.

Act Two[edit]


Much has been written about the Blunderbore but unfortunately it hasn't been ID tagged in any of the videos so far released. The pin head look with a mohawk style nail coiffure and it's apparent affection for the latest look in chains do wonders for its fearsome appearance. Of course its propensity to use humans as clubs doesn't hurt either though one has to wonder how effective clubs made out of soft malleable human flesh would be even if wrapped in fine chain. There simply is no accounting for taste in the Blunderbore's choice in weapons... ;) Expected to have a strong melee attack, no knowledge of its monster AI behaviour is currently known.

Claw Viper[edit]

Claw vipers have been seen predominantly in a red colour but gold and orange variants have also been noted. It was speculated that of the latter two, the orange variant may have been a special unique since it was seen alone in the company of "reds" in an excellent screenshot. They seem to rely on their pointed barb like tail as their primary attack (not known if poisonous but possible). They've been seen to have an AI tendency to push the player character back using their claws so as to engage with their presumably stronger tail lash attack. Thus it has been suggested for close up attack specialists, such as the Paladin and Barbarian, that it may be advisable to attempt to close the distance in order to engage it while it can only use its weaker melee based claw attack. They have been noted outside in the Desert, in the Catacombs, in the Tombs, and in the Sewer levels of Act Two.

Dark Lord[edit]

Clearly ID tagged in a prominent recent Diablo 2 SSotW that caused some consternation in the analysis department until it was learned that a delay, similar to that given the Sorceress, had been built into their casting of the Meteor spell. Apparently specialising in fire based spells they have been seen in videos to cast Fireball and Firewall spells in addition to the aforementioned Meteor. Certainly to prove a formidable opponent to any character not endowed with significant fire resistance it's likely that they will be causing many headaches during many a player's Act Two travels. It is thought that this fairly recent render may be of a Dark Lord but the jury is still out on that one for there are no horns evident in screenshots and video to date.

Desert Wing[edit]

Large bat-like creatures thought to be first seen in a shot from the 1998 E3 Cinematic. With flying movements somewhat reminiscent of the Zerg mutalisk fliers in Blizzard StarCraft cinematics, these creatures eluded naming until the fairly recent French D2 video where they appeared with the above noted ID tag. They have been seen both outside in the desert environs surrounding "Lut Gholein", the principal town in Act Two, as well as in the "Tomb's" level seen in many released screenshots and videos. There is no knowledge, as of yet, whether they have any special attacks and very little can be discerned of their AI behaviour patterns from released video. As seen above in the only available screenshot, in which they are found, they have characteristically bat like wings, long pointy ears, and curiously shaped lower extremities with what appears to be abnormally long toes curved upwards in an almost prehensile fashion.

Dung Warrior[edit]

A relatively slow moving armoured warrior of the desert, it is currently unknown whether it has any other attacks except via direct melee. The subtype "Steel Weevil" was noted in the French video (00:16 & 00:48) in the "Tomb's" level. The only colour combination noted in screenshots to date can perhaps be seen best in this shot. They have a greyish-black head, claws, and fore-appendage along with a reddish-brown upper arm and abdomen. Curiously they walk using only two legs. Do upright walking bi-pedal insects exist in the real world? Food for thought for those tirelessly pondering the mysteries of the Diablo 2 universe... any entomologist D2 fans out there?


No ID tagged Fallen have appeared in Act Two videos excepting one "Carver" subtype that appeared in the GameStar 7/99 video at approximately 3:14 of time elapsed. It would have been easy for the viewer to miss spotting it while focusing on the epic Necromancer Vs Guardian battle that was concurrent with the Carver's appearance. Again. as in many of the above listed Act Two monster classes. the Carver was spotted in the "Tomb's" level - an area that has been featured in many Act Two screenshots and videos. In addition to the Carver subtype a silver coloured Fallen subtype was also seen but in only one screenshot. Though very little Fallen AI behaviour was observed in the Act Two portions of the GameStar 7/99 video it is expected that they will exhibit the characteristic Fallen behaviour as noted in Act One videos. Curiously no Fallen Shaman have yet been seen in any Act Two media.

Foul Carrion[edit]

Spotted in both screenshots and videos, they are very similar in body shape and colour to their Foul Crow cousins of Act One. While Foul Crows are definitely flight capable, Foul Carrion, as evidenced in video to date (June Gameplay Video1 1:07 & 1:42), seem to be flightless. It is speculated that true to the behaviour patterns of their earthbound cousins that they may wait in the periphery of the action until the tough get going and only the weak and dying remain but as is the case with many of the known monster classes to date its behaviour will only remain speculation until more info is known. Seen above, in the company of the Barbarian, in the only screenshot available, truly little has been observed of its AI behaviour to support its descriptive name.

Giant Spider[edit]

The above monster class name is purely descriptive at this time. Featured in a Blizzard render released early on in D2 development it has been seen above in only one screenshot playing surrogate Harem occupant for a lightning javelin equipped Amazon. It is expected, though predictable, to have a poison based attack but it is currently not known if it will be a ranged attack or whether it will require close contact with the character for effective delivery of the poison.

Greater Mummy[edit]

Undoubtedly featured in one of the favourite monster renders released so far, it has been seen in several screenshots and until recently had been commonly known as the "Reaper". It perhaps is most notable for the video footage in the gamester 7/99 video (2:42) showing several specimens with the ID tag "Guardian" having a fun time entertaining a busy Necromancer in the "Tomb's" level. In this clip it is clear that they have a fairly short range poison based attack in addition to an even shorter range melee based attack using the conveniently deformed appendage that takes the shape of a huge talon shaped arm. Most intriguing, however, is the range based "magic" attack displayed in the video. I write magic in quotes because it seemed like they were generating bat-like projectiles that flapped out in a straight-line path until they struck the intended victim. Though the projectiles may have looked "bat-like" in the video, in hindsight it would have been more correct to write "snake-like" cause it was recently revealed in a pi of the D2 "Greater Mummy" action figure that the supposed bats are actually snakes. So we're talking magical snake-like projectiles instead. No word from Blizzard yet on whether the magical snake "bolts" are poisonous.

Sabre Cat[edit]

A monster type originally seen in an early Act Two screenshot and given the descriptive "Kitty Legionnaire" appellation by many of the D2 fansite writers. The "Saber Cats" were the first subtype seen in this notable screenshot. They carry a distinctive helm reminiscent of those worn by the Roman legionaries of antiquity. The other recognised subtype - Huntress - often favours a top knot hairstyle, seen in many Fallen types, and also favoured by the Amazon. It thus seems to be becoming the default hair style for any Diablo 2 character/monster with long hair (At least we can be thankful that they spared the Necromancer ;). Both the Huntress and the Saber Cat seem to favour a whip as their primary attack weapon, as seen in various videos, and they appear to forego any ranged based attacks. Both subtypes are found throughout many of the Act Two levels - in the Desert, in the "Sand Maggot Hive", and in the "Tombs" levels - to name a few.

Sand Leaper[edit]

Seen above in at least one screenshot and in two videos (June Gameplay Video1 0:53 & GameStar 7/99 2:46) "Tomb Creeper" is the only ID tag noted. Nevertheless since they were first described by the appellation "Sand Leaper" and it is more descriptive of their movement as seen in videos, we've decided to stick with that name for now. The aforementioned Tomb Creeper was found in the "Tomb's" level harassing the Necromancer as it battled the Guardians in the notable scene from the GameStar 7/99 video. It seems to have only an apparently weak melee attack which appears to solely have a nuisance value as the Necro virtually ignored it while dealing with the more challenging Guardians.

Sand Maggot[edit]

Much has already been written about the Sand Maggot and their ilk. Their basic modus operandi is to lie in wait beneath the desert sands to emerge and attack the unsuspecting victim or the suspecting victim for that matter. This creature does however have a few added twists to its offensive repertoire. Early on it was known that if it was not killed fast enough you would shortly have to deal with many of its offspring. As well it was reported from those attending E3 that in addition to its direct pincer based attack Sand Maggot's had the endearing habit of spitting poison at any characters that would venture within range. All three parts of its life cycle have been shown in screenshots - adults, young, and eggs. While at least two and possibly three palette shift subtypes have been noted, including one shown for the first time in one of the three Necro shots recently added to the Official site's image gallery, it is expected that Blizzard perhaps has a few more surprises hidden in the sands surrounding Lut Gholein for us yet to discover.


As noted in the monster descriptions for Act One, the Skeleton class of monster seems to have a predilection for the hot arid climate of Act Two. Perhaps they find the usually cold damp air of the environs of Tristram not to their liking. They are featured all over the Act Two levels and as in Act One they seem to be equipped with the full gamut of armour and weapons that the component system can afford. Besides the component system, palette shifts are in evidence to add to the diversity of skeletons featured in the act with at least four colour variants noted in screenshots including a very interesting SSotW which in addition to a never before seen skeleton colour also featured a skeletal apparition whose origin, whether spell effect or new monster, will likely have to wait until release of the game. Unfortunately no ID tags other than "Burning Dead" have been noted for the variants. To read a little more about the component system used in Diablo 2 you can refer our Character section as noted earlier in our Monster section intro.


The very slow moving and normally melee attacking Zombie type monster is featured in Act Two at the very least in one subtype which has been seen and ID tagged several times as "Dried Corpse". In addition to the melee attack, at least some subtypes of Dried Corpse zombies feature an additional wrinkle to their offensive arsenal in the form of a poison attack that is unleashed as they are struck down. Consequently this suggests the obvious strategy of knocking them down with whatever range attack you have at your disposal before they get too close. Prospective Paladins with their holy bolt take note. It was noted by staffers, after E3, that unlike with the "spitting dogs" of Diablo 1 fame you cannot avoid damage by remaining stationary while adjacent as the poison cloud is emitted forward as the Dried Corpse is knocked down. Hence in order to avoid the poison emanation you have to quickly move back which makes for some fancy footwork for close in fighting. Seen here, along with the Necromancer for company, the Zombie class in Act Two seem to prefer the desert surface above all.

Act Three[edit]


Only seen as yet in the one screenshot above which was released by Blizzard as a very nice SSotW. Not much is known except that they are, as reported by our E3 attendees, moderately fast and difficult to hit to begin with and even more so when you have them almost dead. Since at E3 they tended to attack in packs of 4 or 5 this suggests a strategy of attacking them with an area effect spell. Undoubtedly characters specialising solely in powerful melee attacks may have some difficulty with this flying pest unless they add an effective area wide attack to their skill list.

Doom Ape[edit]

Known as "Razorbacks" in Act One they appear above in only one Act Three screenshot along with the Thorned Hulk. Noted by staff members on their visit to E3 to be featured labelled as "Doom Ape" they appear gold in colour in the one screenshot noted above. Mirroring the current state of fansite knowledge of most of Act Three not much is known about their AI behaviour and attack methods excepting that they have a basic melee attack. They were reported to move very slowly and to quote some E3 goers "they weren't very interesting" so maybe Blizzard North has a few surprises up its sleeve with this monster class but only time will tell.


"Gorebelly"- the name for the "Blunderbore" class monsters in Act Three, they have not been spotted in screenshots or videos as of yet. The only evidence of Gorebellies <sp?> comes from those lucky few who got a chance to play the E3 version. Since monster difficulty in Diablo 2, as in Diablo 1, will ramp up significantly as players progress within the game, undoubtedly the palette shifted Gorebelly of Act Three will be significantly more challenging than the Blunderbore of Act Two. The methods Blizzard intends to use to increase difficulty will be of a more varying nature than that used in the original Diablo simply due to the complexity added by Blizzard North's decision to implement Cold and Poison based attacks in addition to the Physical, Lightning, Fire, and Magic based attacks of Diablo 1. It will be interesting to see if any patterns develop in how the increased difficulty is created as players progress through the acts and whether Blizzard will be successful in balancing the added difficulty with the gradual increase in capabilities of all five character classes. Bill Roper once referred to Blizzard's task in balancing Diablo 2 as its most difficult game balancing job to date and likely this anticipated difficulty will be the cause of a possible game delay or two so let's all knock on wood and hope for the best :).


Imps or Jungle Urchins... both names fit, though apparently Blizzard has taken to calling at least one Act Three subtype of the Quill Rat "Jungle Urchin" so we presume "Imps" will have to do for now. Reported to be lightning fast in movement they were described by E3 attendees to move like "little beebees, just screaming around, with cute little cleavers and big swollen heads... they were total pests." Hmmm... interesting picture there. I sense they will make the "Goat Archers" of the Diablo 1 seem like child's play for melee attack based characters. Maybe they'll give the word "frustration" a whole different meaning. Fortunately it was reported again by E3 vets that they died quickly so maybe they should be called "Pigmy Gnats" instead. Featured in one of two shots above which was recently added to the official site's Image Gallery they were noted to appear in packs rather than in ones or twos - oh joy...let's see a little chain lightning ought to come in handy ;)

Jungle Urchin[edit]

Id tag found in the relatively poor quality GameStar E3 99 video (00:49), they appear to exhibit the same general behaviour of the Quill Rat subtype from Act One. Undoubtedly to feature more hit points and more damage per successful quill hit they were reported to exhibit the same attack methods by those attending E3. No info on whether a poison based quill attack will be seen but it seems likely.

Thorned Hulk[edit]

Originally thought to exist in Act One though currently speculated to be too fierce and powerful looking for the first act they were seen in an impressive recent screenshot featuring a very shiny looking Paladin. Projected to have a very strong melee attack, but to be lacking in the dexterity department, they were featured in the earlier referenced multiple render piece Anatomy of a Thorned Hulk which showed the laborious process by which Blizzard North creates the monsters for the game. Though it is thought that its "thorned" appearance will possibly underlie an "of thorns" effect on melee attackers the idea is of course speculative at this time.

Zakarum Zealot[edit]

Though feminine in appearance, due to their long hair and oft worn flowing robes, it has been confirmed directly by Mike Huang of Blizzard North that they are actually male. They tend to favour nasty looking double bladed axe like weapons with an extended shaft so as to facilitate two handed wielding. Featured in screenshot and render, to date, their was nothing notable reported on this monster class from those who attended E3. Thus they are expected to have solely a short ranged melee attack which implies that they will be fairly straightforward work for the player. The perceived storyline for Act Three is that a great evil has awakened in the Kurast area and the evil spreads to overcome the head of the Zakarum religion. Thus the Zakarum Zealots appear to be just poor misguided souls influenced by their religious leaders to cause havoc and mayhem along with the other local monster fauna.


Only seen in one fairly recent screenshot and not commented upon by E3 attendees except to note that their presence in the third act was "... unremarkable..." they are expected to be "slow and dumb" as usual. Further Act Three info on this class will have to likely await the actual final release of the game since it has recently been confirmed by Blizzard that Act Three will definitely not be included in the externally tested beta.