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The absence of prying advisors and inquisitive Priests left [[Diablo]] free to assume total control over the King?s battered soul. As the [[Lord of Terror]] attempted to strengthen his hold upon the maddened King, he found that the lingering spirit of [[Leoric]] fought with him still. Although the control over [[Leoric]] that [[Diablo]] held was formidable, the Demon knew that in his weakened state he could never take complete possession of his soul as long as a glimmer of his will remained. The demonlord sought a fresh and innocent host upon which to build his Terror.
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The demon relinquished his control over [[Leoric]], but the King's soul was left corrupted and his mind crazed. [[Diablo]] began to search throughout [[Khanduras]] for the perfect vessel to act as his focus, and found such a soul easily within his reach. Enjoined by his dark master, [[Lazarus]] kidnapped [[Albrecht]] - the only son of [[Leoric]] - and dragged the terrified youth down into the blackness of the labyrinth. Flooding the boy's defenseless mind with the essence of pure Terror, [[Diablo]] easily took possession of the young [[Albrecht]].
Pain and fire raced through the child's soul. Hideous laughter filled his head and clouded his thoughts. Paralyzed with fear, [[Albrecht]] felt the presence of [[Diablo]] within his mind as it seemed to push him down, deeper and deeper into darkness and oblivion. [[Diablo]] gazed upon his surroundings through the eyes of the young prince. A lustful hunger still tortured the demon after his frustrating bout for control over [[Leoric]], but the nightmares of the boy provided ample substance to sate him. Reaching deep into [[Albrecht]]'s subconscious, [[Diablo]] ripped the greatest fears of the child from their hiding places and gave them breath.
[[Albrecht]] watched, as if out of a dream, twisted and disfigured forms appeared all around him. Unholy, writhing visages of terror danced about him chanting choruses of obscenities. All of the monsters that he had ever imagined or believed that he had seen in his life became flesh and were given life before him. Large bodies comprised of living rock erupted from the walls and bowed to their dark master. The ancient, skeletal corpses of the [[Horadrim]] arose from archaic crypts and lumbered off into the red washed corridors beyond. As the cacophony of madness and nightmares hammered its final blow against [[Albrecht]]'s shattered spirit, the bloodlusted ghouls and demons of his mind scattered and scrambled maniacally into the lengthening passageways of his waking Nightmare.
The ancient catacombs of the [[Horadrim]] had become a twisted labyrinth of raw, focused Terror. Empowered by [[Diablo]]'s possession of young [[Albrecht]], the creatures of the boy?s own imagination had gained corporeal form. So strong was the terror that grew inside of [[Albrecht]], that the borders of the Mortal realm began to warp and tear. The [[Burning Hell]] began to seep into the world of Man and take root within the labyrinth. Beings and occurrences displaced by time and space, and long lost to the history of Man were pulled screaming into the ever-expanding domain.
The body of [[Albrecht]], fully possessed by [[Diablo]], began to distort and change. The small boy grew and his eyes blazed as tendril-like spines ripped through his flesh. Great, arched horns erupted from [[Albrecht]]'s skull as [[Diablo]] altered the form of the child to match that of his demonic body. Deep within the recesses of the labyrinth, a growing power was being harnessed. When the moment was right, [[Diablo]] would venture once more into the mortal world and free his captive Brothers [[Mephisto]] and [[Baal]]. The [[Prime Evils]] would be reunited, and together they would reclaim their rightful place in Hell.

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