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This article was compiled from information provided by Guild Nachos, who raised a new character to level 99 in less than 2 days, during one of the v1.09 ladder reset races.

Author: Guild Nachos

Diablo II Strategy Guide Info:

  • Patch: v1.09
  • Gametype: PvE/PvM
  • Class: Not class-specific
  • Author: Unknown
      Please note that strategy guides from v1.09 have vastly different skill and item stats, thus may not be applicable to the latest version of the game.

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How We Did It[edit]

At 3.20 am Dip-dancer was born.

[nc]Marschmelo was with him, he is our expert in shuttling characters to hell.

They were the first of 4 teams (team 1) who were doing the first of 450 games at all.

In the first game Andariel died due to teleporting in a few secounds only and the pathway to act2 was cleared.

Now Dip-dancer and Maschmelo had to change the game cause we had a so called gate-char already found the right tomb of Tal Rasha for Duriel, and also a cleared CS done by Fragmachine and Diablo. All dip-dancer had to do was enter a portal to the bosses (Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, Baal) who were killed by Maschmelo.

Finally it took us only 5 minutes to proceed to Nightmare difficulty.

Those 5 minutes was the time needed for Custus and Starbuck in a new game to clear the same pathway as at normal. Sure this game was also open by a gatechar to find the right tomb to Duriel. Since it was all very well organized they waited for team1 (killing duriel, mephisto) at the cs/baal to give some further backup.

So we proceeded to hell difficulty (prepared by hellkind, architekt and alete). After only 25 minutes total gameplay and Dip-Dancer was matriarch at chrlvl6.

Some of you may ask "what for, and why ?" They still think that if the difference of Clvl and Mlvl is to high they don't earn experience.

We say: BS.

It took us only 2.30 minutes to do a complete Hell Bloody Foothills clears with seven Sorceresses. In the first run Dip-Dancer's experience went from Clvl 6 to Clvl 15. In the next run (were we had no shrine) to Clvl 21. After killing the Ancients dip-dancer was Clvl 26 and we went to experience like a conveyer belt. A nice protocol about the first 70lvl can be seen here.

  • 03:20 lvl 1 - birth - shuttle
  • 03:50 lvl 6 - matriarch
  • 03:53 lvl15 - after first bloodyrun with shrine
  • 03:57 lvl20 - 2 bloodyruns
  • 03:58 lvl26 - Ancients (normal)
  • 04:02 lvl33 - 3 bloodyruns
  • 04:06 lvl38 - 4 bloodyruns
  • 04:09 lvl43 - 5 bloodyruns
  • 04:13 lvl46 - 6 bloodyruns
  • 04:18 lvl50 - LVL50 after one hour
  • 04:31 lvl60
  • 04:57 lvl70

After these runs we continued the whole day. We only did the runs up to 60 millions before entering lvl99 and finally killed the ancients at nightmare and hell difficulty (20+40 millions).

Sure we all collected an ear of dip-dancer as a proof for teams before we went back to the channel. Big celebration, and proud went across the net very fast.

We were the very first character worldwide to reach lvl99 again. 6 o'clock pm (CET+1) and after 38,7 hours of gameplay after the ladder reset we - the nachos - were again no.1.

We'd like to say a big thnx to all who help us in this run.

Official Nachos Website.