Guide V1.09: Ladder Race: 23 hours

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Diablo II Strategy Guide Info:

  • Patch: v1.09
  • Gametype: PvE/PvM
  • Class: Not class-specific
  • Specialisation: Ladder
  • Author: Flux

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Scenes from the Ladder Race, 23 hours after the reset. September 30, 2001.

Second check of the ladders, this time including the three Asia realms, since Bnet was cooperating when I checked them. The top 10 for all realms, Hard and Soft.


USEast Standard, after 23 hours


USEast Hardcore, after 23 hours

Softcore is all Amazons and Sorcs, Hardcore has more variety, and no amazons at all on East. Odd. Quite a lead opened up on the top Amazon there, 4 levels higher in the 90's is a lot of play time.


USWest Standard, after 23 hours


USWest Hardcore, after 23 hours

West Hardcore still lower than East, which is still odd, since there are more people playing West. Amazing to see a Necromancer up this high, since they are about the slowest characters to kill with in hell. But of course they are very good in parties, and sharing exp is the way to get to lvl 91 in less than a day.


Europe Standard, after 23 hours


Europe Hardcore, after 23 hours

Europe continues to lead all realms, both Standard and Hardcore, the highest levels are on Europe. Sorcs by far the most common characters. Level 99 is around 3.5b, so the top Amazon here has only a bit over 500m to go. Tomorrow?


Asia 2 Standard, after 23 hours


Asia 2 Hardcore, after 23 hours

Asia 1, the original super overcrowded realm. It's still pretty unstable and packed to the gills, hence the lack of high level HC's.


Asia 2 Standard, after 23 hours


Asia 2 Hardcore, after 23 hours

Asia 2 moving along quite quickly. Basically the same character mixture here as on all the other realms. Players in Asia obviously exploiting the same tactics everyone else is.


Asia 2 Standard, after 23 hours


Asia 2 Hardcore, after 23 hours

Asia 3 has the least gap between the level of the top Standard and Hardcore characters, if that means anything. Mostly amazons on Asia 3, more than any other realm.