Desert Journey

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Desert Journey, is the cinematic that plays at the start of act 2 in Diablo 2. It runs for 3:12.



We traveled east, over the mountains and into the vast deserts of broken land. As the days passed my companion told me of himself, that he had once been a great warrior, and that a dark and secret burden now weighed heavily upon him.
We traveled for an eternity across that arid wasteland. How long? I couldn't say. And always a dark cloud seemed to follow us just over the horizon.
Finally, the journey ended, we climbed the last ridge. There below us lay our destination, the shining jewel, Lut Gholein, with a great sea beyond. We made camp that last night. Perhaps it was the warm desert wind or the sound of the ocean, but for the first time in many weeks, I slept.
However, the dreams returned, but these were clearly not my own. I beheld a vision of a great man, the mage, Tal Rasha. You were there too, Tyrael, I remember seeing you in my dream. His brethren had cornered a great demon, Baal, Lord of Destruction, who had been set loose upon the world. And they attempted to imprison the demon within a sacred stone. Yet, when their attempts failed, Tal Rasha selflessly volunteered to contain the demon within himself, completing the prison. He instructed his brethren to bind him within the tomb, buried under the sand, there to wrestle with the demon for all eternity.

Dark Wanderer

Now you know what I seek, Marius. This is my brother. Sleep now, we set out with the dawn.


The next morning we walked over the hill toward Lut Gholein. I had no idea, then, of the horrors that were in store for me there...