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The Enchant Bug occurred in early 2002. The problem was that any character who left a game while boosted by the Sorceress' Enchant spell would become corrupted, for a few minutes or possibly much longer. The updates below were written at the time, and are taken from the archives of the Warnings section.

Enchant Bug[edit]

Feb 25, 2002
There is a new bug with Enchant, the Sorceress skill. If you cast it on yourself and leave the game while it's active, your character will display oddly, and probably be unable to join or create a game for 10 or 15 minutes. This has been confirmed in testing, and you can see a forum post about it here. It does not seem to be a problem if you cast Enchant on another character, or have it cast on you, so just wait for it to wear off before you leave the game, if you are using it yourself.

Thanks to Dennis for pointing out that Lava Gout gloves have a 2% chance of casting Enchant on the wearer, so this problem doesn't just apply to melee Sorcs. There are also items with Enchant charges, and obviously you shouldn't cast those on yourself and leave a game while they are in effect either.

Read on to see a work around to make your character playable again.

Enchanted Character Corruption[edit]

Something seems different...

Feb 23, 2002 -- Lots of reports of this lately, since the big duping-caused Bnet problems in mid-February. Basically you'll leave a game, and your character in chat will be weird. Much higher or lower level than you were previously (including impossible levels like 0 or 240), softcore instead of hardcore (or vice versa), with the wrong avatar, showing weird symbols, etc. These are just problems with Bnet displaying your character, they all seem to fix themselves in an hour or less. If you do have a problem with this that doesn't go away for more than a day or two, you can mail [email protected] about it, with your character and account name and a description of the problem.

Fix the Enchant and Char Corruption Bugs[edit]

This is a work around that will make your player immediately accessible again. Blizzard posted this method a week after we first added the info, so it seems to be a good way to fix it, with no side effects.

There are several ways to fix your character:

  • Select the character on the selection screen, and click the "Convert to Expansion" button. The server will say that's impossible, but when you try that character again they'll be restored to normal status.
  • Another technique is to select the character, then click the "Change Realm" button. It won't work either, but then when you try your bugged character again they'll be able to join a game normally.
  • We've also heard that creating or deleting any other character on your account will fix all bugged characters, but this doesn't always work, and you need to have a free slot; if you have 8 characters already this possible.

Thanks to UberJABRONI and Pacific_trip, as well as Virii_Hell, and Gregory.

Blizzard says this bug has been fixed as of March 6th. We've not gotten any reports of it for several days, so it seems they are correct.