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There are a variety of game commands you may type while in chat or in the game. All commands are typed at the very start of the prompt, preceded by a slash. Use control+C and control+V to copy and paste messages while in chat. More text manipulation shortcuts are listed further down this page.

Most commands can be used by just typing the first letter of the word. Instead of "/friends promote" just "/f p" for instance. Other shortcuts are listed in each section.

Communication Commands[edit]

All of these work in chat channels and in game.

  • /ignore (player): Squelches messages from this player.
  • /friends: (or /f) This displays help instructions on how to use the various friends commands. (See more on friends commands below.)
  • /msg (player): Sends a private message.
  • /msg (character name): Sends a private message.
  • /msg *(accountname): Sends a message to any character logged on from that account.
  • /msg (D2 CharacterName@RealmName): Allows messages to be sent between the realms: USWest, USEast, Asia, or Europe
  • /d2notify: Diablo II: Toggle channel enter/leave notifications
  • /reply replies to the last message sent
  • /squelch (player): Ignore messages from this player.
  • /unsquelch (player): Turns off squelch for this player.
  • /unignore (player): Turns off squelch for this player.
  • /users: Displays all number of users, games and channels on the server.
  • /w (player): Sends a private message.
  • /who (channel): Lists all the characters in a given channel.
  • /whoami: Displays your account information to you.
  • /whois (player): Displays that players info to you.
  • /whisper (player): Sends a private message.

Chat, Private Channel, and Op Commands[edit]

Commands that only work in chat. Some only work for channel ops in private channels.

  • /ban (player): Ban specified player. (Channel Ops only.)
  • /channel (channel): Join selected channel.
  • /clan (your name): Create a private clan channel with your name as the title.
  • /designate (username): Assigns a Channel Operator, if none is in place. This user will become the Op when the current Op leaves or resigns.
  • /kick (player): Kick specified player. (Channel Ops only.)
  • /rejoin: Rejoin current channel. (Useful after a desynch.)
  • /resign: Step down as the channel operator. (Channel Ops only.)
  • /stats (username): Shows the stats of a Starcraft player. It will always show 0-0-0 for Diablo players, because we are undefeated!
  • /unban (player): Unban specified player. (Channel Ops only)

Friends Commands[edit]

All these can be used with /friends or /f for faster typing. They work in chat channels or in game.

A handy shortcut is to use the number of someone on your friends, after the % key, instead of typing their name. For instance, /f %7 will send a message to the 7th person on your friends list. Or /f p %5 will promote the fifth person on your user list (to the 4th spot, unless you specify a number).

  • /f: Shows help about these commands.
  • /f list: (or /f l) Shows all of your friends and their current status.
  • /f add (accountname): (or /f a) Adds the account name to your friends list. Maximum friends = 25.
  • /f add (username): (or /f a) Adds the account name to your friends list. Maximum friends = 25.
  • /f add (charactername): (or /f a) Adds the account name to your friends list. Maximum friends = 25.
  • /friends remove (accountname): (or /f r) Removes that account from your friends list.
  • /friends msg (message): (alias: /f m) - Sends the message to everyone on your friends list. (Use sparingly to avoid getting squelched.)
  • /friends promote (accountname) (or /f p) Moves that friend up one slot (or to the inputted number) in your friends list.
  • /friends demote (accountname) (or /f d) Moves that friend down one slot (or to the inputted number) in your friends list.

Ignore Commands[edit]

Ways to control the messages you see.

  • /options ignorepublic (or /o igpub) - Ignore messages in public chat channels from anyone who isn't in your friends list.
  • /options unignorepublic (or /o unigpub) - Re-allows messages in public chat channels from anyone who isn't in your friends list.
  • /options ignoreprivate (or /o igpriv) - While in private channels you will not receive messages from anyone who isn't on your friends list.
  • /options unignoreprivate (alias: /o unigpriv) - While in private channels you will not receive messages from anyone who isn't on your friends list.
  • /options ignorewhispers (or /o igw) - Ignore whispers from anyone who isn't in your friends list.
  • /options unignorewhispers (or /o unigw) - Re-allows whispers from all users.

Status Commands[edit]

These work in chat channels and games.

  • /away (reason): Displays your away status and the explanation to players who might query you.
  • /dnd (reason) This command blocks all incoming messages and displays the supplied reason to the sender.

In-game Commands[edit]

These only work when typed into the chat box while playing the game. Many of the Chat Channel commands work in-game too, including all of the various messaging and ignoring controls.

A shortcut for repeating commands in game is to hit enter to open the chat box, and then use the up/down arrows to cycle through commands you sent out previously in that game. You can resend the same ones, or backspace to delete portions.

  • /framerate: Displays the same stats as /fps, but also includes some memory allocation information.
  • /fps: Shows ingame framerate. 25 is the maximum display rate for Diablo II.
  • /nopickup: Stops your character from picking up any items in that game unless holding the show item key (Alt). Useful for speed runs.
  • /players 1-8: Only in v1.09 and later. Only single player. Simulates more players in the game to increase drops and game difficulty. Can not be set to a lower number than the players in the game. See players x page for details.
  • /soundchaosdebug: Plays a jumble of every sound in the game. Type the command again to turn it off.
  • /time: Displays your local time and server time.

Chat Shortcuts[edit]

These are basic Windows commands that work in chat.

  • CTRL-X: Cuts the selected text
  • CTRL-C: Copies the selected text
  • CTRL-V: Pastes the selected text
  • CTRL-A: Select all text
  • CTRL-N: Pastes the name you have selected
  • ALT-N: Pastes the name you have selected
  • ALT-V: Toggle channel enter/leave notifications
  • ALT-W: Sends a private message to the selected user. (Also /w or /m. See above.)
  • TAB: Cycles through the last 10 commands
  • CTRL-M: Diablo II: Toggles music on and the main menus.

Target Line Commands[edit]

These are commands that change some basic functions of the game. They must be in place when the program starts up. To enable these, go to the shortcut you use to start up Diablo II, right click, select properties, and view the target field. The default installation yields this:

"C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe"

Add any commands after that, with a space between them. For instance:

"C:\Program Files\Diablo II\Diablo II.exe" -w -act5

Here's a short list of the most useful commands. The full list (most of which are without function) can be seen below.

  • act#: New characters will appear in that act, at the preset level, with unspent skill and stat points.
    • -act1: Characters are level 1 in act 1. (Default setting.)
    • -act2: Characters are level 16 in act 2.
    • -act3: Characters are level 21 in act 3.
    • -act4: Characters are level 27 in act 4.
    • -act5: Characters are level 33 in act 5.
  • -nosave: Never saves the game.
  • -ns: Starts the game without sound.
  • -seed: Shows the game seed, based on the time of the game creation. Used in some mods and utilities to recreate that exact same game for replay.
  • -skiptobnet: Bypasses the introduction screens by starting the game at the login screen.
  • -w: Runs Diablo II in windowed mode, at whichever resolution you have specified.

Full List of Target Line Commands[edit]

Most of these are oddities left over from the development process. Most of these do not work in later game versions. List source.

Video Options[edit]

  • -exp -expansion switch expansion mode
  • -w -window switch window mode
  • -ddraw use directdraw video mode
  • -glide -glide use glide video mode
  • -opengl -opengl use opengl video mode
  • -d3d -d3d use direct3d video mode
  • -rave -rave use rave graphics modes,might be Mac only.
  • -per -perspective turn Perspective mode on,available only on full screen non-ddraw mode
  • -lq -lowquality decreases the quality of graphical aspects of the game, therefore speeding up the game
  • -gamma -gamma set gamma to
  • -vsync -vsync might be turns visual syncronizing on
  • -fr -framerate set frame rate to

Network Options[edit]

  • -s -serverip set tcp/ip game server ip to
  • -gametype -gametype set game type to
  • -joinid -joinid set join id to
  • -gamename -gamename set gamename to
  • -bn -battlenetip set server ip to
  • -mcpip -mcpip set mcpip server ip to
  • -nopk -nopk disable pk (seems no function now)
  • -openc -openc not sure

Game Options[edit]

  • -arena -arena no use now
  • -difficulty -difficulty no use now
  • -txt -txt for mod creator, generate .bin file

Character Options[edit]

  • -ama -ama set character class to ama
  • -pal -pal set character class to pal
  • -sor -sor set character class to sor
  • -nec -nec set character class to nec
  • -bar -bar set character class to bar
  • -dru -dru set character class to dru
  • -asn -asn set character class to asn
  • -i -invincible invincible? seems no use now
  • -bnacct -bnacct set account name to
  • -bnpass -bnpass set password to
  • -name -name set character name to
  • -realm -realm set realm name to
  • -ctemp -ctemp use th character template in arena mode

Monster Options[edit]

  • -nm -nomonster no monster? no use now
  • -m -monsterclass not sure
  • -minfo -monsterinfo show monster info? no use now
  • -md -monsterdebug not sure

Item Options[edit]

  • -rare -rare all rare item? (no use now)
  • -unique -unique all unique item? (no use now)

Interface options[edit]

  • -act -act set initial act to

Debug Options[edit]

  • -log -log active log (no use now)
  • -msglog -msglog active msglog
  • -safe -safemode run in safe mode?
  • -seed -seed set map seed to
  • -cheats -cheats not sure
  • -ns -nosound disable all sound
  • -questall -questall not sure

File I/O Options[edit]

  • -npl -nopreload no preload game files
  • -direct -direct load data directly from disk
  • -lem -lowend not sure
  • -nocompress -nocompress no compression
  • -comint -comint no touch it, dynamic data structure
  • -token -token set close game token to
  • -gamepass -gamepass set game password to
  • -skiptobnet -skiptobnet go directly

Custom Options[edit]

  • -client -client run in client mode (in game directly)
  • -server -server server mode, need d2server.dll
  • -launch -launch launch mode (default one)
  • -notitle -notitle no window title bar
  • -res800 -res800 start window in 800x600 (for d2)
  • -res640 -res640 start window in 640x480 (for d2)
  • -nonotify -nonotify no error notify
  • -noexit -noexit no auto exit
  • -autorest -autorest auto restart after exit
  • -multiclient -multiclient 1 cd-key multiple characters
  • -nohook -nohook disable hook
  • -nochar -nochar disable character image
  • -clientexit -clientexit exit after quit game
  • -noscript -noscript do not load scripts
  • -noplugin -noplugin do not load plugins
  • -lng -lng set language to (only ENG, CHN now)
  • -hookwnd -hookwnd set hook window class to
  • -hookexe -hookexe set hook version check game.exe to
  • -servername -servername set game server name to
  • -title -title set window title to