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This guide covers the creation of a hybrid amazon using Windforce/Javelins, boosted by a Rogue mercenary using the Faith bow runeword to provide Fanaticism.

Diablo II Strategy Guide Info:


In the game we all hate and love there is one thing concerning the general PvM play that we just simply hate, namely the inability to kill something because its immunities. One mostly cheap solution to this problem is the usage of multiple damage sources; another often more expensive is the usage of items that removes the immunity in question. The build I am about to present to you is a build meant to be as flexible as possible. It features high lightning damage along with high physical damage, also with the ability to remove immunity against the later. Add also another three lower damage types that still can kill any dual immune when needed.

Ladies and gentlemen I proudly present to you the Windtitan, an Amazon build meant to handle any large crowd with ease despite immunities.

Important notices![edit]

Despite that this isn’t the most expensive build out there it is still not for starters, since the equipment includes three high runes. This updated version also requires rather high character level before it is finished and is therefore not recommended for players new to the Amazon who just want to try her out. Skill wise isn’t finished until level 92, I myself aim for level 94 for some extra points into multi....

This build uses a “Faith” act one mercenary who are quite commonly called useless and accused of dieing far too easy. I can agree to the first statement, she herself does not nearly kill as efficiently as an act 2 mercenary. However that is not the point in this build, she serves to increase your killing speed. The second statement I can tell you is purely dependent on your play style. In over 90% of all the areas this game has to offer, you should kill before you engage in close combat, only your valk and decoy should take any hits in these areas.

I advice all to try her out before making any conclusions, if you have and still believe the rouge to be useless then you will find little reading beyond this point worth your time.

Achievements of this build[edit]

Max Damages:

  • Multi and strafe around 4k-5k
  • Jab 2k-3k
  • LF around 1.6k
  • CS around 3k (9bolts)
  • LS around 2.5k
  • Three dual immune killer skills 0.7k-1k

Speeds and some other[edit]

  • Maximum speeds with multi, strafe and wile throwing.
  • 4 frame Jab. (only whit fana aura level 14+)
  • Level 17 Valk in bow and level 21 in javelin mode
  • Close to 60% Avoid and 50% Dodge/Evade.
  • 9X% chance to hit almost anything but bosses. (bosses are CS targets anyway)
  • 80% pierce for lightning fury.


  • Strength: 51
  • Dexterity: Rest
  • Vitality: Base
  • Energy: Base

Take notice of that the listed strength is with perfect gear using the first choice items below. Should you use any alternatives or something else you will have to adapt this number accordingly. This can be done with charms but it is generally better to invest the actual points as most other charms are superior to stat charms.


Bow and Crossbow[edit]

“While more than competent in hand-to-hand combat, training in the jungles of her native islands has shaped the Amazon's skill with the bow and missile weapons into one of unparalleled excellence.” – Arreat Summit, History of the Amazons

  • Strafe: 14 Points
  • Multi: 4 Points
  • Prereq: 1 Point in all
  • Optional: 1 Point in Fire Arrow

The reason I have chosen to use both strafe and multi is that their effectiveness greatly differ in different situations. Strafe is superior to multi for two major things. Firstly for the knock back of hard hitting melee monsters such as minions of destruction and death lords. Secondly it is superior for triggering ctc skills, in our case amp from Atmas amulet. Multi on the other hand has better arrows per frame rate and does therefore more damage to larger crowds.

One point into fire arrow is optional as we already have 2 arrow skills for dealing with LI/PI, namely cold and magic arrow. I want you to note however that the different forms of the typical PI monster “Ghost” all have high magic and cold resists but ZERO fire resist. Still there is only a minor quantity of these you meet that will spawn LI along with their natural PI.

Javelin and Spear[edit]

“With the bow, her only rivals are the Sisters of the Sightless Eye. But, unlike her sisters in arms, the Amazon is also highly adept in the use of spears and other thrown weapons.” – Arreat Summit, History of the Amazons

  • LF: 20 Points
  • CS: 20 Points
  • LS: 20 Points
  • Prereq: 1 Point in all

I recommend maxing LF and CS first as they are good levelling skills. Jab will be useful quite often in the earlier stages and will have great attack speed and damage at later on. In the meantime charged strike should be your main attack until you can use your replenishing javelins. This is titans for most players despite that the replenishing quantity suffix can spawn already at item level five for rare throwing weapons.

Passive and Magic[edit]

“To increase her skills in combat the amazons have studied their enemies with outmost care, resulting in the knowledge of movement, attack patterns and weak points for every creature. This together with a combination of prime and holy magic vastly increases their chance of survival on the battlefield” – Myself

  • Valkyrie: 7 Points
  • All Other: 1 Point

Not much to comment here. Recommend putting a point into valkyrie whenever you feel she dies to easy until level 7 is reached, which is when she will reach level 17 in bow mode. An alternative is to spend only 3 points in her letting her reach level 17 in javelin mode instead.


With 4 passive skillers and only my first choice items you will acquire:

Javelin Mode (+10 all, +2 Java skills)
  • Dodge/Avoid/Evade = 52/61/52 (%)
  • Pierce = 80%
  • Critical Strike = 63%
  • Decoy = 150% life and 80 seconds duration
  • Valkyrie = level 21

Bow Mode (+6 all skills)

  • Dodge/Avoid/Evade = 49/57/49 (%)
  • Pierce = 73%
  • Critical Strike = 58%
  • Decoy = 110% life and 60 seconds duration
  • Valkyrie = level 17



  • Andariels Visage

Andys is a fabulous helm for all WF wielding amazons with the only downside being the negative fire resistance it brings. Any non eth will do but the higher strength bonus you can get from this the less stat points you will have to invest into strength. As for socketing a 15% ias jewel will be needed to reach the seven frames multi we are after. ED or Max is preferable as second modification on this jewel but if you want resists instead you are free to do so...

  • Alternative

You may choose to use a good rare amazon circlet; this will however probably require you to invest a bit more into strength. You would also be assumable to end up with only 15% ias here from a jewel, most likely forcing you to acquire 20% additional ias from the amulet slot.


  • Atma’s Scarab

Needless to say this build is partly using strafe making Atma’s a steady source of Amplify, removing damage res/immu from monsters. However as this is the only really useful modifier this amulet has to offer you may only want to use it when encountering LI/PIs. Should you have chosen a rare Amazon circlet Cats Eye or Highlords will have to take atmas place.

  • Alternative

Another amulet worth mentioning is crafted blood amulets. These have the potential to become the most terrifyingly and powerful amulets for your Amazon, but alas good crafts are rare and/or expensive. A perfect one would be 2 all Amazon skills, 20 prismatic resists, 80 life, 4/7 dual leach, 10 frw... I have not run any numbers but guess would be a “one in a million” craft...


  • Fortitude (Archon plate or Wire fleece)

Best body armour out there for any bow Amazon who is under a fana aura. Increases your damage, life, fcr and resists along whit giving you a great bonus to defence. Best made in Archon Plate for high base defence, however you may choose to make it in other armours for looks or other reasons. Still as you will probably be wearing andys your not really meant to look good are you?

Note: Do not make fortitude in heavy armours!


  • Nosferatu's Coil

I see nosferatus coil as the ultimate belt for bow using amazons. Raizortail can compete in some cases, but not in this one. We simply need the ias nosferatus gives, slowing, leach and strength is the finishing touch for it along with the mana after each kill.

  • Alternative

When mfing goldwrap can be used without any genuine decrease in killing speed. However this will require you to adapt your strength accordingly.


  • Lava Gout

These gloves practically give +10 levels of penetrate along with the 20% ias we need for 7 frames multi. The added fire damage is nothing of greater importance but enchant turns your weapons red... which simply looks cool.

  • Alternative

Firstly we have LoH which does indeed also provide the 20 ias we need, along with their famous ED against demons. Secondly we have crafted blood gloves, which can have skills, res and CB. Thirdly we also have the rare ones to choose from. Basically anything will do as long as it has 20 ias.

Ring 1[edit]

  • Raven Frost

God's gift for many, amazons included. I see the “can not be frozen” on this ring as a requirement for my build; nothing is as annoying as when you’re slowed in some way. Therefore wear one of these at all times to take benefit from the previously mentioned mod along with cold absorb, dexterity, some mana and a boost to attack rating. It is simply a fantastic ring without any good other alternatives.

  • Ring 2

Rare or crafted ring The second ring slot is where your mana leach should come from. Apart from mana leach this is a good slot to give you some extra resists and stats from.

  • Alternative

Manald heal will get the job done if you should prove unable to find a good rare/craft.


  • Rare or crafted Boots

Good stats on these would be frw, fhr, high resists and possibly mf. Crafted blood boots all have life leach but as your other gear has plenty of that you should be focusing on the other mods.

  • Alternative

The extra damage from WT and boost to mf is preferable over resists when running areas low on elemental casters such as the pits. Should you choice to only use WT you may decrease your investment in strength as these come with a +10 to this attribute.

Weapon 1[edit]

  • Windforce

Needless to say this is one of the weapons witch has given this builds its name. Windforce has great damage, 20 ias, mana leach and knockback along with some minor mods. To reach the desired 7 frame multi we will have to socket this with a 15 ias jewel, preferably with a good second mod such as ED, max or resists.

  • Alternative

Really good rare bows may outstrip WF, just keep in mind that you might have to adapt some of your other gear to reach maximum speeds and achieve knockback.

Weapon 2[edit]

  • Upgraded Titan’s Revenge

Titan’s is the standard weapon for almost all PvM javazons, the Windtitan is not excluded from this. It basically is the easiest attainable javelin considering power/price. The ethereal version of it is preferred but not an obligation as it is only really useful for jabbing.

  • Alternative

Great rare ones can surpass titans, but in my opinion the gain in damage is not worth the usual prices when trading for one.


  • Spirit Monarch

When considering your strength you will realize that WF requires 134, this should be attained before the boost from WF itself. On switch titans will give you a boost of 20 leaving you at 154, which is only two points below the requirement of a Monarch. So why not use a “spirit” monarch for its skills, fhr, mana and resists? Note also that you will have maximum block with it because of your high dexterity. Consider no other for this build.

Unique Charms[edit]

  • Annihilus, Torch and Gheeds

Obviously the skills, stats and resists from the anni and torch are mandatory for this build. If you, like me, cannot get perfect stats on these two, you will be obligated to adding the appropriate attribute points into strength to counter their lacks. Gheeds is of course not really needed but it skill may be the little extra mf you need for that special “once in a lifetime” drop.

Other Charms[edit]

  • Passive skillers & small charms

The reason for the usage of passive skillers is quite obvious; physical bow and crossbow skills in general gain very little by increased skill levels and as for javelin skills this is where most skill points should be invested to make use of the synergies they bring. Passive skills are visibly more appropriate for being increased by skillers for this build.

Small charms should be used for gaining life and resists mainly. Max damage may be used as second mod but concentrate on increasing your resists and life firstly.


As mentioned earlier this build relies on the speed gained from a “faith” wielding act one rouge mercenary. These come with ether cold or fire arrow coupled with the inner sight skill, whichever you choice is not to relevant as their damage will still be inferior to yours in every way. As for defensive capabilities they together with the act three mercenary have the ability to attack from a distance, making them immune to the IM curse. Whit this I want to say that they should not engage in close combat situations, leave that to your trustable Valk who does not cost 50k gold to resurrect. Still the rouge mercenary will at times die; to lessen those, the right equipment is necessary.


The faith will have to be a have aura level 13 or above to reach maximum speed with multiple shot. However 14 is needed to reach 4 frame jab, which would probably make you one of the fastest jabbers out there as this speed is not to be reached without as much as 170 ias for amazons without fana (note also that mercenaries cannot have faster then 5 frame jab). Still you will not be jabbing too much, meaning that a level 13 will most likely be sufficient.

The helm and armour of our mercenary is of insignificant importance. They are purely for increased survivability and thus mods to look out for are primary resists, defence, fhr and life. Her killing is simply inferior in almost every way to an act two mercenary so no really high use of offensive mods.

  • Alternative

You could make her into your own small “Medusa” by giving her something from the listed items in Bubonous guide for a Medusa Amazon. Still try to keep her resists up though...



  • LF: 20
  • CS: 20
  • LS: 20
  • Multi: 4
  • Strafe: 14
  • Fire arrow: 1 point
  • Valk: 7
  • 1 in rest passives


  • Weapon 1: WF
  • On switch: Titan/Spirit
  • Belt: nosfers
  • Ring1: raven
  • Ring2: Mana leach ring
  • Helm: Andys
  • Amu: Atmas
  • Armor: Forti
  • Charms: Anni, torch, passive skillers

Final words[edit]

And thus ends my now updated game guide. If you have any comments or suggestions about the content please feel free to PM me or post your question here in this thread.

Thanks to[edit]

Many thanks to everyone at the Europe trading and Value forum to make it possible for me to gain the wealth needed to make her, Dacar92 for adding my guide to the Build guides list, Arreat summit for providing the necessary item statistics, A competing site that I am not allowed to post here for having a speed calculator I found of much use, Blizzard for making the game.