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Categories are the "folder structure" of any wiki. They act mainly as a way to navigate through the wiki based on sorted content, and to some extent also as a folder structure for uploaded files. One advantage of using categories over some folder structure is that an article or other item can be located in more than one category, for more intuitive browsing.

What is a Category?[edit]

Categories and subcategories are the backbone of a wiki's navigation (especially since the wiki search options aren't very intuitive). All articles, sub-categories and images should be slotted into at least one category, to enable other users to find it easily. Make sure to look at the Category Structure of DiabloWiki to decide how to categorize properly.

  • Every page automatically displays the categories it is slotted into at the bottom of the page.
  • Category designations should be straight forward and self evident.
  • Category pages are generated automatically by the wiki script, adding all pages with the category tag in that category shown in alphabetical order. Example: See the Monsters category.
  • It's helpful to add some introductory text to a category page, but this text should be kept short and to the point.
    • If a fuller explanation is required, create a separate page for that purpose. See the Amazon Category within which you can find an Amazon page, for instance.

To add a page to a category, (and create the category itself, if it does not already exist), place the following tag somewhere on the page in question (for ease of editing, it's recommended that categories are added at the very bottom of a page): "[[Category:xxxxx]]" Where "xxxxx" is the name of the category.


All categories work in the same way, and this includes categories located in other categories (sub categories). Category lists are automatically created in the exact same way as by the wiki script. Sub categories are displayed over the list of articles, and are used to organize individual pages into smaller, more focused groups. These can sometimes overlap or intertwine to some degree, but try to keep the structure as clean as possible. For instance, the Monsters Category has subcategories for Act Bosses and SuperUniques. Furthermore, the Act Boss pages are all found within the SuperUniques category. Moving up the hierarchical tree, the monsters category is found within the Category:Gameplay.

Category Links[edit]

In order to link directly to a category, add a ":" in front of "Category", like this: [[:Category:Help]], to make it a link instead of adding the article to the category. Optional title is useful.

Category Naming[edit]

Categories are named similarly to other pages in the DiabloWiki, where the first word is capitalised and any subsequent words are minors.

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