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Secret Cow Level

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=Multiple Visits=
[[Image:Quest-cow-king.jpg|frame]]You can open the red portal to the cow level as many times as you like, providing you don't get credit for killing the king. Credit is given if you kill him yourself, or he dies at the hand of another player who has never killed him before, while you are in the Cow Level. Being partied or not has no effect on the credit for the quest, it only matters who kills actually gets '''the last hit''' on King.
* Kill If they have previously gotten credit for completing the cow quest (which means they can '''not''' open the red portal) then nothing will change. If the character who gets the last hit on the [[Cow King yourself]] can open the red portal, then they will receive credit for completing the quest and no longer be able to open the red portal.* Damage Worse yet, everyone else in the Cow King in a game when someone else kills him to earn Level, whether they are partied or not, will also receive credit for killing himcompleting the quest (if they didn't have it already) and will no longer be able to open the red portal.
How the game assigns credit for killing the Cow King is tricky. See If that's not clear enough, see [ this forum thread] for the detailsfacts presented here, laid out in more detailed and grammatically-creative fashion.
If you've already killed the king or gotten credit for killing him when someone else did, you can't open the red portal anymore, but you can still enter the red portal when someone else opens it up.