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Uber Diablo Quest

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[[Uber Diablo]] is a special event boss that was added to the game in v1.10. He can only spawn on the realms, and appears after a given number of [[Stones of Jordan ]] have been sold on that particular server.
When Uber Diablo spawns in a game the message "Evil Walks the Earth" appears. The task for players then is to find him; he can appear in the place of any [[Superuniques|SuperUnique ]] in the game. He is substantially more powerful than the Diablo you face at the end of Act Four, with far more hit points, higher resistances, and the ability to deal out a lot more damage. He can also use a special version of the Druid's Armageddon spell, which causes fireballs down all around him.
Uber Diablo will only spawn on Hell difficulty. He drops the [[Unique_Charms#Annihilus|Annihilus Charm]] and is the only monster who does. Do not confuse Uber Diablo with [[Pandemonium Diablo]] who is found in Uber Tristram as part of the [[Pandemonium Event]], a special realm-only quest added in v1.11.
Uber Diablo will only spawn on Hell difficulty[[]]

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