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Guide: Whirlwind Barbarian v1.10, by Cold493

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{{Guide_top'''Strategy guide info:'''|game= Diablo II* '''Version:''' v1|patch= 1.10+* '''Game type:''' PvM|pve= Yes* '''Character:''' |class= Barbarian|spec= Whirlwind IK Barbarian* '''Author:''' |author= Cold493}}
There seem to be alot of questions about this on the forums so i thought I would go ahead and put down some solutions for you guys. One option is the use of the Angelic Ammy/Ring combo which boosts your AR alot. The ring gives a +12 per level AR boost with two items. This is a common option for PvP barbs since AR is crucial there. I think there are ways to get around the AR problem without using the Angelic ring/ammy. My solution was the Ravenfrost for AR and dex along with other nice mods such as cannot be frozen and a Metalgrid amulet. I also ran into a few nice AR charms along the way which I kept. This should be enough AR for PvM. I believe I ended up with around 10k AR and an above 80% chance to hit which was good enough for me. I had only two GCs with AR one was +65 another +125. Hope that helps.
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