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Category:Item Generation

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Affix Selection
<nowiki>**</nowiki> this new Ilvl value is only used for the duration of this calculation. The Ilvl value that is stored in the items data file will remain unchanged.
To quote Ruvanal:
<blockquoteTo determine the affixes available use the level column in automagic.txt, magicprefix.txt and magicsuffix.txt files as the minimum alvl required. Filter the version (1 for D2C games, 1 or 100 for expansion games), spawnable (1=yes, 0=no), maxlevel (a few cannot appear on higher alvl items), and the appropriate itypes and etypes (excluded item types). For rares and crafted items you will need to select only the affixes with rare=1 and need to exclude any affixes that have the same group number as an already selected affix. Then to determine the chance of getting an affix you will need to sum the frequencies for that particular type (automagic, prefix, suffix) and get the chance of that particular affix by affix_frequency/frequency_sum.</blockquote>
=Uniques and Sets=