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Affix Selection
<blockquote>To determine the affixes available use the level column in automagic.txt, magicprefix.txt and magicsuffix.txt files as the minimum alvl required. Filter the version (1 for D2C games, 1 or 100 for expansion games), spawnable (1=yes, 0=no), maxlevel (a few cannot appear on higher alvl items), and the appropriate itypes and etypes (excluded item types). For rares and crafted items you will need to select only the affixes with rare=1 and need to exclude any affixes that have the same group number as an already selected affix. Then to determine the chance of getting an affix you will need to sum the frequencies for that particular type (automagic, prefix, suffix) and get the chance of that particular affix by affix_frequency/frequency_sum.</blockquote>
The biggest difference between Affix selection and TC selection is that there's far less weighting for higher or lower level affixes. You are extremely unlikely to get an item from the highest TC a monster can drop, but an Mlvl 50 monster is as likely to drop a lvl 48 affix as a lvl 14 affix in most cases. (There are some weighted affixes, making them more likely to occur. There are also some low level/junky prefixes with max level settings, which means you won't see them on very high Ilvl items at all. Most players would like this max cap added to far more of the low level/crappy mods.)
One well-known quirk of Alvl selection is on Circlets. These items have what is called a "magic level", which is actually a bonus to the Alvl that can occur on them. Circlets: +3, Coronets: +8, Tiaras: +13, Diadems: +18 (All Diadems are always Alvl 99, so can always get any mods.) This is for the mods found on that item only, it's not a bonus to all items while you are wearing the Circlet. This means that if you gambled a Tiara at Clvl 77, or had an Mlvl 77 monster drop it, the potential max Alvl would be 90, due to the Diadem bonus (before other adjustments, such as the -5/+4 to your Clvl on gambling.) See our Circlets Page for more details. Normal/excep wands, all staves and orbs have a +1 magic level as well, but no other weapons or armor. Amulets had +2 in earlier versions of the game, but not after v1.09.
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